Stunted with brown and yellow leaves- please help!

California Dream and Super Lemon Haze Photo
Seed bank - ILGM
Burpee organic seed starter mix
Fiber pots
T5 Florescent tubes @ 4-6" from plants
Germination - moist paper towel method
4-5 weeks growth
Well water PH 7

Plants with yellow/ brown leaves, stunted growth

Enriched with blah blah blah

There’s part of the problem IMO. Soil might be too rich for weed
And although it probably isn’t your problem yet, those peat pots will have to go as your roots won’t penetrate the pots and you will be root bound

I’d cut them off with scissors (carefully) and transplant into final home with proper soil

I’d recommend the fox farms happy frog

Keep in mind I’m a noob, and I would wait to see if the seasoned growers agree with me but I think you have too much nutes in soil and maybe overwatering a bit too

I’d try to get ph a little bit lower as well


I agree wholeheartedly. Get those plants repotted.

Seed starter is just that, a seed starter. The seedlings need transplanting before the nutrients in the starter cotyledon leaves are consumed since seed starter lacks nutrients. Some seed starter has mild, short acting nutrients added, but that only lasts a week or so.

To obtain the advantages of seed starter and avoid the need for immediate transplant, I use soil on the bottom 2/3 of starter cup, with seed starter on top. The seed starter makes it hard to overwater and compact, but once the roots develop they reach the soil where they can find nourishment until time for transplant.

You really need to get yourself a pH meter before you start feeding your plants. The fox farms nutrients tend to be slightly acidic so you need to adjust pH before feeding. pH meter not as necessary when watering, but critical when you start feeding.

To use the Fox Farms nutrients you need to download yourself a feeding chart.

Based on week you are in, you mix your nutrients per the chart. Start with a gallon of water and add the nutrients in the recommended ratio. For example, say you were on week 3, you would mix 6 tsp on Big Bloom and 3 tsp of Grow Big. Before feeding you need to adjust the pH to the suggested range of 6.3-6.8.

Since you will be transplanting to new soil you won’t need to feed at this strength or at all for a while so you can dilute the mixture by adding another gallon or two of water. Left over nutrients can be kept for a short time or fed to other house or garden plants.

After every 3-4 weeks of feeding Fox Farms nutrients you’ll need to do a flush to avoid buildup of salts. When you get to that point tag me and I’ll explain your various flushing options.

There is a bunch of info on the chart that I didn’t explain so if you have questions ask.

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Thanks for responding. Have not added any extra nutrients. I did use this same starter soil, from the same bag, same well water, same peat pots and same lights last year and plants thrived. I try not to water until dry, then water well. This is why I’m confused.

Hmmm very strange….

How many watts is that T5?

Have u possibly let them dry out a tad too much once or twice before watering? Like actually wilting?

You cotyledons are mostly gon on most of the bigger ones… n i dont really see ‘nute burn’ signs. I mean they do look hot. But that could be environmental…. I’d lean more towards hungry then overfed.

Also u say 4-6 inches… have u adjusted that over the grow? They show lanky to start, then node growth gets SUPER tight. Like 3 nodes inside an inch.

Im truly wondering here

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Thanks for your reply, I appreciate it. I like the idea of a little soil first before adding the starter mix. I also used a jiffy seed starter plug that went into my starter cup. I do have a PH meter for the water and one for soil. I will be transplanting in a few more days after they have hardened off a bit more and am using Fox Farms Ocean Forest.

there are 4 bulbs and they are 24 watts each. Although I like plants to dry before watering, there probably were a couple times they got drier than I like, but not to the point of wilting. I have been adjusting the light as they grow, except for the last 2 seeds planted, the light was to far away because I had it adjusted for the older plants. Thinking of direct sowing another seed in the same pot when transplanting these seedlings just to see if they do better, then weed out the worse looking one. Thanks for your input and hope you have a great grow!

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Soil too strong for seedlings.