Stunted plant height but super bushy

Whats happenin everyone? Im not a total newb here. Im currently on my 3rd indoor grow…I feel like my plants are too short and bushy after 7 weeks in veg. I think I may have stunted them from topping to early or maybe too much/not enough light(no signs of light burn tho) or maybe because i started adding nutes too soon, etc…who knows? Maybe a combination of stuff caused it. Regardless, they look to me like they stunted in height but that didnt stop the nodes from coming. Now I have the dilemma of having these extra bushy short plants. Is there anything I can do to help them stretch out a bit taller before I cut the light back to 12/12? I know they will stretch a little during pre-flower but if theres anything I can do to help em along…im all about it.

The taller one in the center is about 2 weeks older than the rest.


A few more pics…


You could raise your light to make them stretch but looks like you would benefit from some LST training.

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Thank u for the reply and advice. Ive already started some low stress training. Ive got clips clamped onto the sides of the fabric pots and zip ties connected to them pulling the branches open. Been training em like that since they were large enough to start pulling on em.
Ive also already raised the lights and turned the intensity down a little bit but that was only a couple of days ago. Probbly still too soon to see if that will help.
I read that an iron deficiency will cause close node spacing with yellowing tips on the leaves and stunting of the vertical growth but I assume that my tap water should have plenty of iron in it alteady…idk.

You have some funky side lights. They may be confusing the plants. They want to grow toward light. It is probably genetics but light spectrum also affects overall for shape and structure. Blue tends to produce more compact plants while red elongates them.

Its funny u say that…i just switched em to red yesterday. I had em on blue to help promote stem and leaf growth but when i started thinking of ways to elongate them yesterday i switched it to red. I originally bought those lights for seedlings but ended up using my overhead lights instead. They are just supplemental lights now. i use em to shine some light into the plant from under the canopy. They dont put off alot of wattage. I have the main lights hanging above…2 bloomplus X4000 at 80% and 2 lgecon X3200 at 40%. They are all set at the same elevation about 36" above the tallest plant. They were at 20" above.

Correction…not yesterday…i meant sunday

I have a similar light. I used it for sprouting seeds.

I dont use any light to sprout seeds…i try to keep em in the dark until they pop.

Ive also used em as suplemental lighting like that on my first 2 grows and im not sure if they helped or not but they definitely didnt effect the height of those plants.

I should have said seedling. I sprout with them in paper bag sitting on the satellite receiver