Still veg / Pre-Flower Correct?

Hello All,

As i stumble and bumble thru my first grow, i need to seriously train my plants which i am planing to do today. Going to do combination of LST and HST.

But before i start, i want to make sure they are still in veg state vs. flower, and i am so dumb i still don’t know the difference by the way they look :slight_smile:

These are still in veg state and ok to train, correct ?

how will i know when they start to flower ?

is it like fishing ? when your child asks, "how will i know when i have one daddy ? and you just say, “ahh, you will know”

they are jack herer auto day 31 after sprout…

you pros must get sick of questions like this LOL




Training pretty much stops when the plant hardens off: sometime early in flower.

Looks like the right time to train, being autos…

Thanks, i will get them organized / trained today…

How will i know when they start to “flower” ?

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Autos usually start to flower between 28 and 42 days from ground break. Mine always 30 to 32 days.

i know its a dumb question, but how will i know when they start to flower ?

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you will see the start of flowering buttons like this


When they start forming buttons on the top. The “buttons” consist of pistils crowning the tops

Looks like spidey beat me to it.


lol,Great minds my friend :rofl:

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Mine r all in flower only 4 days and not showing sex really so i cannot put a pic up on early flower. Each grow all pics get deleted and a fresh start lol. Except fro the super nice ones. Ill keep them. These boys have u covered. Got a super early button and a button more matured for u to see. Good luck. Watch for white pistils to shoot from the nodes where the branches y off at

Thanks all,

are these flowering or pre ?


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I would say those are the very beginning of flowers. I’ve never grown autos, but that looks like a sure sign of flowering to me. But still early enough to train I would imagine…

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thanks, they have had those things (shoots / sprouts) for a couple of weeks and i just thought it was the way they grow, if its the beginning of a flower, none of them have bloomed… humm

thanks bobby…

The white hairs are coming out of the pre flowers, they will grow those from now until harvest, they will turn brown at the end and shrivel towards the buds. Seeing those white hairs doesn’t mean you are “in flower” but does at least mean the pre flowers are forming. Pre flowers usually form where the stems meet the branch at the v. When they start forming on the tips of the stems, thats usually the beginning of flower.

thank you Professor Knowledge… Great explanation / lesson…

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Other than the one that is growing upside down, lol , Those look like healthy girls about to start poppin’ buds and smellin’ up the place. :star_struck: :skunk:

Yeah, Cannabis does not “bloom” in the traditional sense. The “Flowers” are tiny and clustered together. With proper light and nutes they stack the tiny flowers into nice dense nugs…yum.