Solo Cup Challenge!

She’s ripening!


She look stunning! :star_struck:

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She’s definitely would of the prettiest ones in the tent. Probably prettiest I’ve grown. I’ve never had the capability of getting colors before. If now I can time a grow again for the same time period next year.


I respect your vote, did you consider Hellraiser’s entrant into this contest? My top three are Kaptain, Cody, and Hellraiser. Dagao is right there if something happens to any of them. Cody is one that had to harvest early, but still got 1.5 oz!!


She does look Perdy brother I’m hoping I can get colors like that off my purple platinum


Right that’s what I’m saying @Hellraiser solo is amazing this is my first grow so I’m happy I got my solo to turn out as good as it is and it’s only getting bigger and better buds brother so I was shocked to even be a nominee lol for a solo winner


As I understand it, anybody that enters the challenge has a chance to win. I just mentioned you because I know that you are new to the solo challenge and thought you did a good job, especially since there are some experienced, and even past winners? in the field. All of this is very informal, and done to have some fun.


Here is the lil trooper, ive already flipped my lights and dont have a secondary area to put it for now (illegal state), but it looks like shes gonna be able to produce some fruits! Here goes nuthin!


She’s a precious little thing! Very nice and healthy! Bravo… :partying_face:


Thank you! Shes my first try in pure coco so it was a learning curve with watering but I think i figured it out. Shes so good looking I almost hate to switch her up now. Oh well, I’ll have plenty more grows!!


Right I understand man it was definitely interesting to try especially seeing I’m new to growing and my solo still has alot to go before she’s finished and @Tenga is the one I believe who nominated me as a winner and two others but I basically said the same thing as u brother what about @Hellraiser haha his solo is just so awesome all the way around from size to beauty to looks and I can only imagine how the quality is :yum:


Ya man can’t wait to see what the lil precious girl will turn out for ya bud :wink:

slow and steady with the gelato. She is definitely living a thirsty life. I have only been watering her with the schedule of my plants in 3 gallons.


Outta likes but she is looking good nice and healthy


Chantilly is loving the new light and starting to put on trichomes on her fan leaves already. :grin:

:palm_tree:: PoisonBreath
:date:: 31 days
:tulip:: 9 days
:seedling:: ProMix
:test_tube:: Jacks 3-2-1
:straight_ruler:: 11"


This is supposed to be what it looks like? Do you know how long after germination? (planted in the pot?)
I’m not there yet

No Patchy I did not! I shared my opinion kind of joking around–before I saw Hellraisers. Omg Hellboys cup plant is absolutely stunning! Im not seriously voting or judging becuz Im not qualified! Besides this cup project is more a fun thing right?!

But getting back to Sir Raiser-- he not only grows a spectacular plant-in-a-cup, but he is so nice to the noobs-- he totally shared his secrets and tips on how to grow a cup plant!


Well I dont know if any of us new growers are qualified to vote. I have never heard the criteria. Is it most harvest weight wins. Tallest plant? Most buds? No clue. My opinion is all I have without judging criteria. I would still say at this time my top three are cody, raiser, and kaptain. Having said that, there are some growers who’s plants are still growing. So we could have a potential winner out there. I dont think its meant to be serious.
@CoyoteCody, @Hellraiser, @kaptain3d- what are the criteria for the solo cup challenge?


Whoever has the most fun during the grow lol. No real competition. I would say the real winners are the viewers and whoever has a successful harvest.


well said Cody, cause you know we trip on things like solo cup challenges! ILGM should use yall’s solo cups for advertising. I guess I started a mess with posting who I thought was good. I will fade away until this challenge is over.