SOL2 170w G4 Integrated Chip

hi has anyone seen these going i here they are pretty good and very cheap to ran but the bad side they say is the fan is pretty loud from what i seen on utube can anyone clear this up would you here it though a wall to the other rooms (just gib walls

Sorry I grow in DWC and between exhaust fans pumps and ballast fans I expect any proper grow room to make some level of noise which can only be reduced so much without other tell tale signs. Like smell heat and high humidity you need airflow which means fans a scrubber of some sort or odour is obvious which needs a fan atleast so fan noises is just normal to me

after alot of researches on these and asking alot of Q, i came to buying 1 of these to start with, only because of the 120 degree lens so i can get them atless 2-300mm off the plant and still keep a good footprint as my hight is only between 1200-1500 mm i thought it be the best way to go,with it only being 170watts(power consumption) and they say it put out enoth light as a 350watt hps, after i awhile i will get another if they work out,as for price well 3 to 4 times amount of the hps lights here some researche on them…

The Sol 2 LED Grow Light is an engineering marvel, utilizing the latest Integrated LEDs to deliver a concentrated beam of light so bright we named it after the sun. Sol 2 is designed for use in a 1m x 1m area, with tested PAR output matching that of a 350W HPS! Our refined and Patent-Pending 4th Generation spectrum features quantum balancing to ensure lightning fast growth rates, record Breaking yields, tight internode spacing, super-dense flowers, and fruits so monstrous you’ll bring all your outdoor plants indoors!

Spectrum is only half the equation to enormous yields however, because light must be delivered efficiently through plant tissues at high intensities to ensure optimal penetration/absorption. Our Patent Pending Fusion Reflector was developed specifically for this purpose, blending and focusing 100% of the output from our LEDs into a concentrated beam of light. Unlike other LED Grow Lights, Sol uses no glass or acrylic lenses, which can block up to 10% light transmission with each layer.

Sol™ LED Grow Lights are an entirely new breed, with the same Hydro Grow performance, quality, and reliability, that has been proven time and again by third party testing and real-time output data. Thanks to our ever-growing engineering and development team who work continuously throughout the year, we are proud offer the next generation of LED Grow Lights to the masses.

Let us know how it works out for you… :wink:


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