So much to digest...outdoor grower needs light

I’m mainly outdoor grower, wanting to start indoors more. Looking for an LED light that can handle prop and early growth. The most I even think about is keeping one plant in just to compare with the outdoors each harvest. Do I really need to invest in 200-300 light, or can I have success with the budget market?
Appreciate you all

You could get an HLG 200 that would enable you to start several plants inside. It would also be a great purchase for if you ever wanted to transition to indoor grows in the future.

But no, strictly speaking it doesn’t take a huge light to start seedlings.

@Nicky always recommends Kingbrite I believe. And a handful of The other budget light companies are starting to step their game up some


If it is just propagation, and early growth, a T5 should be sufficient. I start my seeds and clones under one of these:

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Yeah, I keep coming back to the HLG 225 at $199 that I read is too little for a full indoor (even 1 plant). Then, I talk with people running crap lights from target successfully. This is all why I gravitate to the sun (she’s amazing).

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That 225 could flower a plant for sure

I prefer the quantum boards. That’s why it’s say the 200. It’s a little beast that’ll grow you rock buds in a smaller space.


Right on. Thanks. I’m curious to continue a plant or two indoors moving forward so need to go beyond sprouting. Not really interesting in setting up a full tent as I prefer to use the sun.

You’ll need to be able to black out indoor if you’re running photos. That’s where the tents help

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Of course

  • discount code really looking at $170 for that 225

This works. I recently rooted 4 clones, and gave them to a friend that is growing them on his deck. I’ve let them get this big under it:

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Thank you for sharing. Those cookies seem happy :sunny:

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So my draw to HLG was the recommendations around here, their customer service, and buying USA made.

There are absolutely cheaper options that will work. But I’d go with something that has good spread and dimmable. You want high efficiency so you’re generating more light and less heat with your electrical cost

I’ve got 3 of their lights and have had wonderful results with all of them

This is being done in a 2x2x3’ tent, by Nebula Haze with a 65w hlg light! May 6 – Wow, lots of bud growth!

Buds have fattened quite a bit since the last post. I haven’t done anything but give nutrient water every few days and let the plant develop.


HHmmm I wonder if I wait for the HLG 200 Diablo to be back in stock…anyone know if HLG stocks them regularly or am I looking at a long wait time? I can certainly get by with what I have or add a lil $50 led while waiting

Their stock turns over very quickly. Depending on how large of a grow you’d ever be looking indoor you can also look at a lot of their refurbished lights.

They’re 260 is also fairly cheap because it’s DIY and quite simple. Great light that many people use around here to pack buds into their tents

Damn! That’s only 65w? No wonder my plant fox tailed with my new hlg 350r. I’ve got a steep learning curve with this beast. With my cmh 315 the only control was the height.

@Dexterado , Yes, I was surprised as well. It seems like the recommended light wattage just increases till you have a light so powerful that you need an 8’+ tall tent to keep the light from scorching your plants.

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