Silvaback’s 1st journey

Can’t compare our ladies. Soon they will need more. The purple haze the only 1 that the roots are showing from the bottom of the fabric pot. So I assume they all still growing and don’t need much now.


Looking good my friend. I am learning more every day. Thanks everyone.


I’m learning myself everyday

Today’s update is brought to you by Meagan Good. The plant that’s growing like she didn’t just get FIM 2 days ago.

Halle Berry

Serena Williams

Kourtney K.

The ladies 2gether.


2night I started my journey messing with E-oils.

1st tried I used 1.2g of rosin and .6ml of apple jack terpenes. Way 2 strong. Call it a bust

2nd tried 1g of rosin and .3ml of wedding cake terpenes. Now it taste good and hits amazing. Maybe next time I will go .2ml of terpenes 4 less flavor but it’s good trust me. Had me coughing on the highest heat setting.

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@SilvaBack203 is that at the 6th node that you topped mrs. Berry ? :crazy_face: dont hurt your self with that new stuff :brain: :spider_web: :right_anger_bubble: :zzz:
:alien: happy growing


Yes it was sir. Man this right here is so good make you wanna slap your mama lmao… once this done ina try sour zkittles try 2 master everything by harvest time

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Took the short cut I suggest you do the same on my journal. Ran out of :heart: but I’m set to follow. :+1:

lol used all my likes up and did not even get a badge or nothing LOL . had to wait 2 hours —12 min. left . you buy that stuff in a store.

Haha I have patience and like learning. There’s knowledge been drop every post. I’m always out of likes but I creep around lol


Haha… what stuff?


Toxic Weekend a.k.a Kourtney K. Really been stretching the last few days. I can say she’s stretching while the Gorrila Grip is bulking up.

Serena Williams

Watering the outside ladies with some help.


What’s your loading process so far?

Not sure if your aware but after loading your cartilages let them soak for 24hr and then use them this allows the wick to soak and reduces the chance of burning out the coil or burrnjng it to ruin flavor.

I need non filter needle blunts, where did you get yours? I’m a paramedic and at work we only have filtered ones lol. The filter gets plugged by the waxes and fatts.
Also finding the right ratio is hard I heard it’s 1gram to 0.1ml of terps.

Did you decarb your rosin first?

Keeping it warm enough to flow through the syringe can be a pain lol and it wrecks the syringe really fast, it gets so sticky. Seems like one syringe per fill of one cartilage it all gets expensive and wasteful very fast and that’s why the dab pen interests me more then the carts. Can still mix in terps with rosin.


@Nicky I got them from Amazon after used I washed them with hot water and soap and it was good.

Yes I am aware of the 24hours. After I made them it went in the freezer for a bit so I can try it.

Yes I had it it sitting on a hot plate on a low setting untill it was fully decarbed after that I lower the temperature 2 almost off and mixed my terpenes. I mixed it 4 a while closed the lid and gave a good shake.
It went in the syringe great.

Man at .6ml that apple jack was nasty. At .3ml the weeding cake was good. My sister stole it from it.

I have 2 different tips 4 the oil I got say the glass mouth are amazing.

I got a kindpen jiggy I love it for the dabs and other concentrates


What’s this part?


@Nicky these are amazing compared 2 the others. Is like hitting from a quartz banger is my best description. They hold the oil nice and taste better 2 in my opinion.


Since Meagan Good was doing better before lights out she got some action done.
Some before and after


Looking great!


Thank you


Here’s my journal my fellow neighbor @G1291. It’s also my 1st grow and journey so welcome aboard