'Side Splitting' Strains


G’day everyone!
First time post, so here we go… I have only recently retired from the Australian Army and looking for the best strain to induce lots of happiness and laughter! I am dealing with Depression and PTSD, and the feeling of laughing I am getting again vaporising marijuana is fantastic and has a far more positive affect with me than the myriad of prescription drugs I am taking.
Hope to hear everyone feedback, so many strains.


Yo mutton… good on you… don’t let the lil things get you down or even the big things… lol :wink:
If you need any info on what your trying to accomplish just let me know… we get you squared away… :wink:
Welcome to ILGM… :wink:

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@MuttonChops welcome. Go to leafly and they have a run down of strains and what they help with. Very good site.


welcome to ilgm @MuttonChops , you are right there are soooooo many strains it gives me headaches reading of them…lol not really but…
myself the blueberry that ilgm has is a good all around smoke…happy,feel good[head and body] long lasting…
another favorite is northern lights…it a bit heavier than blueberry as in a stoned feeling,giggles…lol

leafly is a great place to explore strains…good luck,hope you find one to your likings!!!


@MuttonChops What I did was looked at the ILGM Strains and then looked them up on leafly to get exactly what I wanted!

Willing to help you sort them out though. Basically you need to start with the time of day.

Sativas are really good for daytime use

Indicas are better for evening use (or days when you can really relax)

Some have side effects too! Like making you hungry!


@bob31 ,lolol you must have been really throwing down…lol
now i’m hungry!


Hey Guys, thank you very much for the reply’s and information, juts checked out the Leafy site… it looks great!. I will no doubt chat with you again at some stage.

My next question is has anyone had issues receiving their seeds from ILGM?? And will they always eventually get your order to you? I am still waiting for my first order which was placed on 3rd of June! They have said they have sent two replacement orders yet nothing :frowning_face:
Cheers, MuttonChops


I’ve never had an issue not getting my orders. But there guarantee is exceptional and they’re a very reputable organization. I’ve never heard of anyone not getting their replacement order.

What country are you in?


Hey bob31, mate I’m in Australia. That’s great to hear as I was starting to fear I had been ripped off, but 4 months to receive my order is really disappointing. I want to order more now that I have done further research but I really need to wait until I receive something from ILGM.


That really sounds like their delivery system is known to Australian post or customs. Bummer. Maybe you can find some seeds in black market pot. It probably won’t have top notch genetics but if you use all the right techniques here it will probably be pretty good. Even if you can’t grow excellent bud for smoking, you can still extract oil and such from mediocre weed and use it to lift the quality of the stuff you do smoke.

Sounds like Australia is still in the “terminal patients only” phase for medical marijuana. Which is really unfortunate because so many illnesses are aided by MMJ, and we medical users don’t sit around getting high all day.


Hay man I’m for Australia :australia: to and i know what you want go with ak 47 or Girl Scout cookie there a good strain for our climate outdoors and inside!! Ripe a few of these strains into ya you’ll be right for laughs brother :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hey mate, do you buy your seeds from this site? If so, do you get your orders or are they intercepted? I getting a bit bummed out over this. Cheers for the heads up, I reckon I will get both of them… just not sure where, when and how :frowning_face:


Hey 1BigFella, yeah it seems that way. Surely if ILGM is continually having their packages to Australia intercepted they would notify Australian customers prior to purchase? Well I will continue to check my mailbox daily in the hope they arrive. Cheers for the feedback!


I’m serious about using bag seeds, if you have to. I remember back in the late 60’s we got one bag of sinsemilla and thought it was insane. But I think it was just standard Mexican weed raised by someone who knew how to do it. All the usual stuff had seeds galore, and that one simple difference made it 10 times better.


Hey everyone, I thought I would update you with my great news! My seeds arrived today :grinning: absolutely cheering. Now that I know things are all good I can order more! Sorry for doubting ILGM, needless to say my outlook on life isn’t always positive :frowning_face: I’m am sure that will change when I can grow my own ‘erbs’


@MuttonChops yes i have gotten them here but pay :moneybag: the post fee then getting the free posting ok thay put more skills in hiding then ok :ok_hand:! Just hang in there i couldn’t find mine 1st time in pascal so look everywhere in it that will come



@MuttonChops wickedly good news like Xmas brother lol :joy:! What you get?? Maybe me and you can do some swapping of strains I’ve got a few take look at that pic i put up thats Girl Scout cookie outdoors love this strain


Great news - what strain(s) did you decide to get?


Hey Caosred, wow that’s an impressive crop. I will be ordering those girls in my next purchase for sure.