Sick plants help please

what have I done to this little girl?

just a bag seed under 4 x 24w t5 lights 1/4 strength nutrients

Very likely a pH problem.

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im pretty sure I didn’t check the ph of the water I was giving it last week so that makes sense now … Thanx MacGyver.

I have a different problem with this clone… do you know what this is?

That could be similar, it could possibly be caused by a pH issue as well. Different plants will be more or less sensitive to deficiencies caused by pH nutrient lockout and can show different degrees or symptoms of lockout in their leaves.

There is a slight chance that damage could be from something else, but if you haven’t applied anything to the leaves that might have done that and you don’t see any signs of pathogens or critters then I’d have to lean towards the pH as most likely cause.


I have noticed some little flying bugs around so im getting some of those yellow sticky pads tomorrow to catch them all… can they do that to a plant? little a-holes… any other method you could recommend to get rid of them

Sticky traps are good to help control fungus gnats. Diatomaceous Earth, food grade, easily found online or at your local garden supply, sprinkled on the surface of the soil will help a lot as well, it will help kill their larva in the soil that eat fungus in the soil and the fine root hairs of your plants.

So, yes, they can cause damage and slow development, as well as contributing to other diseases and the spread of unhealthy pathogens.

But, more often, an abundance of fungus gnats is a sign of over watering, which can also contribute to pH problems, nutrient lock out and fungus and pathogens in your root zone that could lead to root rot and eventually pythium, and maybe even contribute to botrytis during flower. So, make sure you are letting your soil nearly totally dry out between watering. A good way to judge is by the weight of your container, how the container feels full of totally dry soil as compared to the feel of the container filled with totally saturated with water soil.

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ok thanks MacGyver im glad I found all this out before I used my white widow seeds…

Once again thanks man :slight_smile:

No problem. BTW, there are some critters that can bite on or suck on the leaves that can sometimes cause some dramatic round looking spots like on the one plant, but I don’t really think that is what is going on there. I’m not perfect and i could be wrong, it is hard to diagnose 100% accurately from photographs and limited info, so keep an eye on everything else as well. And the D.E. on the soil will help with numerous other critters that also lay their eggs or have a larva stage in the soil. Spider mites lay their eggs in the soil, so it helps as a preventative measure with them as well.

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The spots look like a disease that I can not remember or identify.

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I tried getting rid of pesky fungus gnats with two teaspoons of cinnamon oil in a pint of 6.0 ph water.
Sprayed the plants, and also put some ground cinnamon on the soil. Most leaves dried up within a day.
Only new growth remaining. I let them dry out for a few days and am trying to flush the cinnamon out.
My babies are only a month old. This sucks!

Thanks again Bud. I did use hermit crab sand, and a few inches of crushed glass. Better than D.E. as it doesn’t harden. I water with bottle tops that go four inches down. That helps allot too.
Couple things if you can help me. I used a heaping sifter of sulphur to kill the rust fungus. Will also do some Cal/mag, with next watering to alleviate since I am using COB LED lighting.
Is there a way to clean off the sulphur after it has done it’s duty? Pretty rough stuff without a bunnysuit. Also, what is the “PPM” count that everyone flushes down before fruiting?
Would like to go into flower mode by 3/1/18. Hope you’re doing well.
Be Well!

When you see a bug problems the plant is putting off a hormone. It looks like a binding problem. When nutrients are mixed in certain ways the can bond to one another and cause a certain part of the npk process. When you mix nutes what do you do. Plants are green. Some thing is being held back. Plus it look like vitamin b2 is locked out.