Should I trim my wwa? 3rd week of flowering?

My girl is healthy but bushy want to make sure colas are getting lots of light but dont want to hurt her either. Thoughts or advice?

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She I’s looking beautiful altho I’m a noon and haven’t done an auto, it’s something iv been looking into and from what I have read minimal pruning/stressing is key with autos, some may lst and top in the early veg days but not in flower. But I shall let the more experienced grower chime in :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum and happy growing :slight_smile:

Thank you. Appreciate the quick response

I would let it go until you start seeing the big leaves start to turn yellow. If you want to add some space lst them and tuck the big leaves below the bud sites. Nice healthy looking plant.

Your plants buds do not use light like most people think. Yes the plant needs light but it also needs it’s leaves as these are where her food is stored. The leaves are the only thing on the plant that does photosynthesis as well even tho the buds are green they do not posess the ability to turn light to energy only the leaves. Now if she stretches and you can’t get good airflow then it’s ok to pull or prune off any lower leaves that don’t get light or are premature. On the top leaves if you are truly worried about them covering the buds then you can just tuck them

IF …that’s an auto…leave it alone.

Not an auto…could trim a very few lower leaves. Leaves are the solar panels of the plant.