Should I "top" this autoflower?

This Neptune Kush autoflower plant is already beginning to flower and it is less that 2 weeks old.

I’m assuming I shouldn’t top it, but I was hoping it would get much bigger before flowering. I did bend and tie it down a few days ago to get more bud sites (hard to see in pic) - was the training that the reason? Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks.


Do not attempt to top.

Autos can be little bitches sometimes. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

No. The LST did not cause that. It is just bad luck this time.
Not sure but I think this was Bubba Kush that did that too. Gave me 1 oz finished.

And this one I just cut, it is definitely Bubba Kush, may give up an ounce. The soil was too compact and it didn’t make a good root system. 12" at it’s highest point


Yup autos are finicky lil and effers sometimes. Any mistake can trigger flowering. And they do as they please.

If she has started flowering, I wouldn’t top her, but continue the list until she begins to harden off (get too stiff to bend)


Thanks to everyone for your advice - you were correct.

These pics arent great, but as you can see 2 weeks later theyre doing good. I need to do some tying down and tucking, but there are at least 15-20 bud sites per plant.

Dont bother to top the plant if its already flowering

Ur best bet is get ur self some good genetics that are stable i would recommend using regular autoflower seeds as regular autoflowers can veg up to three months allowing you to do topping and training i run regular autoflower seeds and fem autos both of my fem autos are flowering but my regular autoflowers are showing sex but not flowering yet i did some research on regular autoflowers and they said they can veg up to 3-4 months before they flip to flower

Theses are my girls one of the regular autoflowers has a 2.5 feet canopy on it


I didnt top at all - this is a follow up from 2 weeks ago when I asked that question.

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Aha ok kool

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