Should I throw away or harvest

Don’t know what kinda of phone you have, but try to download a MagnifyGlass app there a bunch FREE try a few to zoom in on buds. Also try to fill this out best you can, there’s enough people to help you

Best thing you can do for successful Rookie Grows Is plant in FOX Farms Happy Frog.

That right there will get you almost a month into your grow.

There is alot of info lacking in your post, but without a PPM meter to read your run off ppm you are just guessing on how much of percentage of label strength to mix.

Not sure how big your tent is but Horticulture Lighting Group lights are hard to beat.

I use the HLG 135v2 which is a full spectrum lamp that can be dialed up to 168watt max for my tiny space.

Your Autoflowers are like lighting a firecracker. They going to flower on their own. I am going 20/4. First couple weeks I have it dialed down to 50 watts at 24/0.

I am growing some ILGM wedding cake autos currently and I have lots of pics up.

Here we Grow Again (ILGM Wedding Cake Autos). I am no expert but I am no dummy either. I got smart friends that have helped me understand the process better.