Should I throw away or harvest

Do you guys think I should harvest these plants or throw them out ? I think they are dying this is my first harvest need help please

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I think everyone is going to need a little more information on the situation. I will tag someone smarter than myself for you. @oldmarine @MeEasy

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Curious why would you throw out ? Cut all those dead leaves off, take a pic at tricomes see where you are at. I’m new so maybe missing something idk. Something better then nothing, if not good to smoke make canna butter, cookies brownies I don’t cook at all but not hard to make.


I been growing theses skittles autoflowers for 120 days now and recently it looks like they been turning brown without getting thicker I have no clue what to do I believe I put them in shock they under 12/12 light schedule.

I would pull one of the buds off and see if there is bud rot.

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Great idea because I was really ready to throw them out over frustration

Autos right? Why 12/12 light cycle I blasted mine 24/7 the last 30 days on accident, lol, newbie, just now cut back to 20/4. Do you think you might have burned with your light, maybe your light not enough power that’s why not filled out ? Hard to tell with limited info please elaborate

Okay at first I had it 24/7 but I felt that would burn them then I read it was best at a 12/12 cycle so I tried it it was doing good still growing but lately the growing stopped it’s been growing more leaves instead

This is how they looked a few weeks ago

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Are you feeding anything? Making sure your on is good? And ya dont need to put autos on 12/12 lights schedule… That would defeat the purpose of having autos

I feed them nutrients I got some sugar daddy and big bloom nutrients idk maybe I’m not feeding them enough this is my first time so I really don’t know what mistakes I have mad I been reading a lot and watching videos but still confused

So should I turn the lights back up ? And if so what is the best light schedule

I think most people go with 18/6 but you can give more. I dont think i would go back up now though cuz that may cause more issues. Have you flushed at all? You may have a build up of salts in your soil causing nutrients to be inaccessible. I think shes missing some nitrogen but im not positive. It looks like you may be close enough to harvest though. Do you have a magnifying glass or jewellers loupe to look at trichomes?

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No I don’t have neither but I’ll invest in one I’m trying to get these plants over with cause I feel like I did a terrible job and want to start my next grow. And yes I have flushed them a few weeks ago. And is there any suggestions on nutrients I should use to get the nitrogen up a little more or is it too late for all that because it’s been about 120 days.

I just wanna make sure these are good enough to smoke if I harvest them because I put a lot of money in this

Im not an expert with deficiencies… Personally I would brew a compost tea. But like I say, if your close enough to harvest, it would be pointless and could even be counter productive to feed now… And the only way to tell if youre ready to harvest is by closely examining your trichomes. I guess I’ll say this; if the buds and sugar leaves are shriveling and turning brown also, i would just harvest. But definitely dont throw it away, the possibilities are endless even with sub par bud and trim.

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Yeah I might just harvest them tomorrow or this weekend I’m afraid if I let them go any longer I’ll mess them up more and retry different methods next time around. :heart::heart::heart: Thank your for your help

And so should I just straight water them because it’s almost time to harvest ??



Thats what I would do… I don’t like telling people what to do… Especially cuz I cant see whats happening in person and dont know the WHOLE story ya know… Can you take some more pics? Some of the whole plant(s), some of individual buds and then some as close up on the trichomes as you can? Id really love to help get you the best possible outcome and I know others here want that too.

The way the hairs are still standing up but all red or brown is suspicious. I would pull a bud and check it thoroughly, make sure the stems aren’t turning brown and same with flower at the stem.

There only dying because there ready to harvest