Setting up Ac Infinity Cloudline T6

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Thanks bro. I’ll also check my spelling before I post :joy::call_me_hand:

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@BobbyDigital what is the code for the amazon to add in the end. @Covertgrower gave it 2 me before but i lost it :laughing:



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Thank you sir

@thc73 How you doing with the ACIC67?

It has certainly made my first grow easier to manage. I didnt have it set up correctly until a couple days after my seedlings popped up. I was checking in on them many times a day until i figured out the setting on the T6. Once i had this up and running it made my life easier. Days after i added a camera. Now i rarely have to open the grow room, except in to water them. I wonder if they sell a system that is worth the investment. Even though part of the fun in gardening is watering the plants. It’s therapeutic, Lol!! Btw, I just ordered another 4" fan to add to the party! I think im doing ok so far thanks for asking @DEEPDIVERDAVE Happy grow!

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[quote=“THC73, post:129, topic:86798”]
Once i had this up and running it made my life easier.
[/quote]. That is it in a nutshell. Easier, stress free, and economically controllable remotely.
The cycle mode allows one fan OFF until temps rise. (2-controllers, independently operating T6 fans for two 4x4x6.5 tents. My wife said no to the camera idea (jealous?).

Cloudline 67 controller probes read similar, but different slightly (3-D Position/delay in updating, suspect). Cloudline B1 Temp/RH reads similar to 67’s and different from GOVEE Temp/RH.
However, B1 with NO Temp/RH correction matches 67 probes and 67 controllers, with ZERO temp/RH calibration. Gave up on VPD, but can SWAG the leaf temp offset and get 1.2-1.4 VPD range (looks better on records). Cloudline B1 and Govee both Bluetooth, with range issues (cant reach 30 feet thru walls and concrete fireplace). AC-I Cloud 67 can reach my easy chair in the living room. AC-IC system ideal for temp balancing in tents. RH shouldn’t be a PNW problem until June.

You said you have to devices running at the same time but controlled independently by its own remote right? But are they reading exactly the same tempeture? My probes are reading a difference of almost 10° . Im wondering if there is something that i missed or is there something that i must do to calibrate them.

Also i opted for the 69 controller this time only because it was really inexpensive getting the fan and that controller. Question, can you connect both 67 controllers on the same app or what do you do? Do you control one of your independent fans on the controller device and the other from the app? How did you set yours up?

Two AC-I Cloudline Controler #67 provide independent control of each T6 (intake Veg tent & Exhaust Flower tent).

ABSOLUTELY, you are correct. The Govee Temp/RH, the Cloudline B2 Temp/RH sensors are both Bluetooth enabled to my Android phone. AC-I customer support claims their devices do not need local calibration, unless a problem is suspected. Sitting next to the tents is required for Bluetooth enabling all of all the devices. The 67 controllers range better than the Govee or the B2. I need 20 feet range from tent to man chair. The wall, furnace and fireplace are between. Govee may find me at 15 feet. B2 is 10 feet. Only with lights off and all four devices in the exact same location (impossible, but a goal for a dreamer), will the devices read almost perfectly the same. Often 3 or 4 will match, momentarily.
Any air movement (circulation or cooling) will cause each device to independently shift recordings. The most sensitive (fastest reacting to minute changes) is the probe(s) for the 67 system. The B2 and Govee (slowest, almost 2-4 minutes to react and respond to changes). i spent two nights trying to synchronize three (didn’t have the fourth, yet). The devices (Govee & B2) are different sizes, shapes, material and interact with the wind patterns differently. The 67 probes are metalic (on the sensor probe) and have a minute opening for RH (and possibly temp) sensing (protection?). Short of taping the probes together, which I have tried, and placing into a box for even wind and temp blocking (not tried, yet), any shift in 3-D tent position or angle of probe hole influences the readings. They can be positioned inside the tent in familiar places for temp matching, but that’s work. The numbers are close enough, all I need is environmental monitoring with protection for tent air and temperature control for maintaining temp under 83 degrees. A waste of time, other than learning the dynamics of your system. However, I am able to adjust the environment because I can interpret the environmental conditions being recorded.
I still can’t give you a useful explanation for the VPD programing, other than SWAG. As a 67 user I am disappointed that the software correction factoring for temp offset is in increments of 2, vice more user-friendly increments., like 1-degree.

The App linked both devices (seamlessly). The software displays a control screen showing connected devices (originally two 67 controllers). The B2 was introduced and linked to the same control screen displaying device status (connected) and monitored parameters (Temp/RH, Fan Speed/ mode). From that screen, operator selection for individual control of device and operator interaction is available. All functions that the 67 controllers are capable for operating or display, the Android app does remote monitoring, operation control, and triggered alarms. I had to switch between apps to read Govee (purchased to calibrate the 67 probes) and go back, for the endless, frustratingly useless activity of balancing all recording devices. That’s when I figured out the unique time delays that the software required for its updating. I sleep better or do day trips, knowing the Cloudline system works well and is protecting my tents.

Great thanks for all your hard work! You my friend are saving me from a couple of sleepless nights of playing around with setup. Tomorrow i send this unit back and settle for another 67 controller. Not sure what i was thinking, honestly thought that the 69 was wi fi enabled :flushed:


Cloudline 67 Controller can operate two T/S series fans using single settings for both units together.
I have second controller because I needed back-up or calibrations standard for first 67 probe. My two T-6 fans are in different tents under separate programing (could use same settings, if desired/selected).
Independent selections allows for fine tuning (Flower tent more negative pressure) or Veg tent OFF if too cool conditions exist.

Im trying to dial it in as much as possible this way there is less room for error in my novice humble opinion. And i would assume that independently is the only way both fans can run simultaneously from seprate units. Am i right? Can you do the same thing from one controller (67) run both fans, one for intake and the other exhaust simultaneously but from one controller? (67)

I have two 67 controllers. Each controller can handle two fans but both fans will get the same settings (no individualizing separately). With my second controller, I can dial my system, using the same setting for each controller (set-up independently from each other and requires two 67 probes), or I can extremely fine tune with different, independently set parameters. Each controller monitors and has separate programable trigger points for added protection. I get to go to sleep at night and I can go out for a while during the day. Heat and attendance are two of the biggest impediments for a grow, from my past experience.

The 67 controller manual says " the 67 controller will operate a second T6/S6 or T6/T4. Manual also says second fan unit will plug into controller and any use of modified fans or connections may damage connector or void warrantee. Fan plugs were difficult to insert. 4-pins = 4 wires, but we do not want a failure, so no modified connections. My 2M certification expired long ago.

Personally i see some missguided information been shared and money been wasted

@Tylersays & @The_Chef can explain better than i personally would. The information Dave shared is not accurate at all and really will have u chasing ya tails around… the controller 69 will b the option u really want. The wifi unit havent been released yet