Seedlings look ok? GSC Auto

Have 3 little autos 2 days old got from ILGM mix pack tent spec 27,27,63 will I have enough room? Or should I try to just do 2. Spider farm 1000 light enough ? Will be doing LTS or should let form 1main cola if lights to weak to support multiple ?Thanks for all the help.


I don’t grow autos, but it’s really not up to you. Autos do what and when they want.

I just wanted to chime in and suggest you get them under the light, that window is blocking UV light they need. If your trying to get them some sun instead of the 1k.

Happy growing!

The seedlings look good. Mine popped yesterday.

I have heard that it’s not to good to keep them on the windowsill also.
I grow outside so I can’t help you with the light issue, but my seedlings are kept in the partial shade of a tomato plant for the first 2 days.
Good luck with the grow!

I have 4 autos somewhere between 5 and 7 days in (from when I put them in rockwool to germ anyway). One is reluctant to even come up out of its seed. The other three are in good spirits. Two look very similar to yours. They’re both 5 days old today. My best suggestion is if your humidity isn’t pretty dang high, give em more. Mine have been acting starved if they don’t have ~60%. Also don’t fret if they’re not getting much bigger right now, all of my autos have very clearly put ALL their energy into developing some roots first.

The long rooted one is the 7 day old. She’s too tall because I was shy with the lights and she streeeetched. Just keep light amped up, hanging low, and your humidity high. They’ll take off once the structure is developed.

Thanks man in window sill now getting new AC up stairs had to take down tent just when they sprouted. Where I live it’s hot like 100 with the humidity afraid if put outside might die. Tomato plants doing well but been so hot my water melon and egg plant leaves are burnt. Didn’t want to kill seeding but would they be ok ?

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Hey thanks a lot for the input first time didn’t think about the humidity levels for seedling was to low, will take all tips and pointers very excited to see my guys sprout and to start growing just want to try not to mess up to bad. Thanks again

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You got this! :+1:

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@Kingkupa I’d be afraid to put them outside right now but I’m also a seedling babier regardless of what kind of plant it is. I once killed a fully mature jalapeno by setting it outside during sunlight and bringing it inside during the desert nights. Apparently in my effort to avoid massive temp shock, I gave it massive temp shock. The window sill should be alright for immediate purposes, since it’ll be diluted sunlight and not the full force of the 100°+ sun your outdoor plants are getting.

That’s what I thought heat my kill them they will beck in the tent tonight with perfect temp and humidity hopefully thanks agin

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Don’t mean to be ‘that guy’ but I don’t think you’ll be able to grow 3, let alone 2 under an SF-1000. It’s really meant for a single plant. Regardless, good luck on your grow!

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@OooWee1184 tbh, we all need “that guy” -
I’ve probably read it eighty times by now and I STILL don’t want to spend the money on the HLG - but I KNOW I need to. Better for us to hear it now and not a day before flowering and discovering that the buds suck and growth is massively stunted because of insufficient lighting.

PS I’m thinking I’m sold on a 600Rspec as soon as my bank account agrees with me. That might be a good light to be looking at for you, too @Kingkupa - if it’s too much, others have said a SF4000 could be viable for 2-4 plants in a 4x4

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I keep mine inside under a grow bulb (6 hours dark at night) on a warming mat until the second set of true leaves appear. Then for 3 afternoons they go out in the garden under partial shade of squash plants, approximately 5 hours. Back inside under lamp at night, with an oscillating fan, 6 hours darkness still. Then out at 7 AM in partial shade, full sun around 3, inside overnight at dark. Light off 6 hours still. After 16 days, outside transplant to ground or bucket. I cover with a clear 2L drink bottle with vents cut in sides if heavy storms are predicted until the plants are too big. I’ve done this since 1974 on regular seeds and now on autos for the first try. Works for me.

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Yeah, my first grow I learned the hard way. Tried to put 4 under an SF-1000 lol. Ended up with 3 lankkkkky plants that gave me about 5-8 grams each and one big plant that had SUPER airy fluffy buds that wasn’t smokables. I try to warn everyone I can but I know what the feeling of disappointment is like after you think you’ve gotten everything you need. Sommmmme day I’ll get me a HLG lol. When I get a tent I can actually walk into.

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@OooWee1184 oof yeh, I’m mainly planning on autos because I’m allergic to schedules - even with an auto timer I’d probably have perpetually vegging photos. I did the math on grams/square meters and concluded I needed at LEAST a 4x4 tent to get enough flower out of my plants for the MIL to stay pain free between grows. So my big money went into the tent, filter, fan, yadda yadda. By the time I got around to thinking about lights (cuz autos don’t care about light duration, so why would quality matter? It made sense at the time) I assumed lights that SAID they’d cover a 4x4 flowering would be FINE. so I doubled up on two cheaps. And I’m so sure now being two weeks into lots of reading and one week into excessively worrying about my Sprouts that the cheaps will get me through baby phases and into vegging but … I’ll be damned if I didn’t forget for a minute that ALL plants need good quality light. :man_facepalming:

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Thanks for response so where my question, do I get another sf1000 or should buy a Bloomlight ? can’t afford a 400 $ HGL light don’t have that kind of extra cash, need a cheap fix under 200 $ thanks guys

@Kingkupa I don’t have a ton of experience with lights, but I will say I’m using this: VS1000 from Vivosun - it’s pretty comparable to the SF1000 but runs a little cheaper (there’s an extra $20 off rn too). They don’t run terribly hot and 100% is enough to blind me, but I bought 2 anticipating growing 2 plants, one light per auto flower. Perhaps someone with more lighting knowledge can weigh in on the viability here but possibly going 2-3x - one or two of the cheaper VS and the one SF you have would get you through a grow cycle without breaking the bank.

I have SF lights but switched to SONO farm. Cheaper, better quality ,5 year WARRANTY! HIGHER PPFD!!:+1::seedling::boom:!!! MY PLANTS LOVE THEM!!! Way denser flowers.:yum::+1:!!

These are 8 1/2 weeks!!! Small family business just getting started check them out !! Great customer support!!!