Seedlings have strange leaves- Amnesia Haze photoperiod

From a fellow grower: I have started 6 seeds, one has regular looking marijuana leaves. The others have leaves that look like Ducksfoot cannabis

  • Strain: amnesia haze
  • Type (fem/auto/reg): fem
  • Climate (indoor/outdoor): indoor
  • Medium (soil/hydro/details): Miracle Gro performance organics container mix, 10% worm castings
  • pH of runoff or solution in reservoir: 750 in one around 1800 other four
  • Nutrient mix strength (EC/TDS): flora series light strength according to their chart
  • Light type & schedule: 18 on/ 6 off LED 1000w
  • Temperatures day & night: 82/75
  • Humidity day & night: around 40%
  • Ventilation: intake and exhaust fans
  • AC: no
  • Humidifier: yes
  • De-humidifier: no
  • Co2:no


The potting soil was full of weed seeds and that’s all you’ve been able grow, there is no cannabis in any of those photos.


I wanna believe the bottom pic is some mutant cannabis but the more I look, I have seen that weed before and it makes a big, lush, beautifully colorful WEED that will spread like wildfire.

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Yeah they don’t form true leaves like that where did you place the verified marijuana seeds? One per bucket I assume dead center it has leaves that would be marijuana in appearance if those weren’t it’s first set of leaves aka not true leaves. The first two leaves are rounded then the third set is where it gets the typical marijuana look. You should buy better soil from the looks of it unless you had it like sitting open outside somewhere. I prefer fox farms ocean forest top layer happy frog bottom layer for when the roots reach their maximum depths and midway. Unless you planted multiple seeds per pot which I wouldn’t advise those are all not marijuana. You should start you seeds in a dome setup or just under a seedling light and rock wool cubes or the seedlings starter tray kits you can get basically anywhere. I prefer to get a second set of leaves on my seedlings before I place them in their final habitat. Then you know for certain what you placed where and if you have rogue growth/hostile invaders which absolutely will try to and possibly will kill your marijuana seedlings.

I don’t know what it is but definitely not cannabis.

Actually here are two other photos

one is definitely cannabis.
Has anyone heard of duckfoot cannabis and does this l;ook like it?

yes it was one seed per pot. Strange the 1st two came up dead center and not one other weed. thanks

Top pic is a noxious weed.
Bottom pic. Yes I have seen several examples of duckfoot and that is not it. No comparison.

Not any ive ever seenm

Ok thank you. it sure grew fast, going to yank it tomorrow. Looks like i got one plant out of these 6 $10 seeds.

Ok thanks friend

Serious buzzkill :nauseated_face:I am literally feeling your pain right now.
And what a welcome to the forum huh?
But hey, slide over to the sales site and get some GUARANTEED primo seed and these good people will help you grow the dankest, loudest weed you have ever seen. :boom:


That one looks great by the way

Not that traumatic. First time growing, learning a lot.
Definitely the wrong soil though. The 3rd bag was full of weeds after none in the 1st two. The seeds are from ILGM by the way.

Please contact customer support again as we will replace any nongerm seeds

Yes I would like 5 replacement seeds please. Out of 6 only one sprouted. Send the same kind as my 1st order.

yes I would like 5 replacement seeds please.

Can anyone advise me as to why a few of my leaves look this way?

Not too sure…Actually other then the discoloration (slight) they look pretty healthy? Did you possibly get any nutes/spray on them? Are you using cal/mag? Sometimes the first few leaves of mine will look jacked but then the plant takes off and then there’s no worries…

Please contact ILGM by email to get replacement seeds if you have not done so already, thanks