Seed Help with my first ever grow

Since its my first grow, I am sure I will be here alot. Everyone been really helpful and I know how everyone likes pics of the plants progress and I have nothing but time with this virus going on. I have 10 ww auto in water for the last 4 days. pics attached there should be 5 in each glass. I put them on a heating mat ( idk why just thought my basement was to cold, i put a temp on the mat and it only got up to 67 degrees, trying to keep it at room temp). most of the ww auto have cracked and has only grown really small tales. 2 Days later another shipment came in from ILGM and I dropped 2 Gold Leaf seeds, in a small glass with 30ml of 6.5 ph to 1 ml of hydro peroxide. I saw that method on here and cannot remember the user name sorry! Those seeds have both cracked with also little tales. I am growing the 10 ww outdoors and the 2 gold leaf indoors in a 4x4. I know its probably brave for my first ever grow but between the products I purchased and this forum help I feel ok. My intial question is I have seen pics of seeds tales on here that are much longer than mine should I be concerned? I wanted to put all of them in soil tonight but was afraid maybe some seeds arent ready?

Did I read that right , 12 plants in a 4x4 tent? I was told 2 feet for each plant. I have a 2x4 and I squeezed 3 in. I bought 20 seeds and figured they would hopefully cover me for a year.

Ok I see 10 outdoors

2 plants in my 4x4, the rest are going outside. 2 gold leafs with still might be too much

After they soak I removed mine from the water and used the paper towel method. I see yours already started mine didn’t until a few days in paper towels.

I moved them to soil once the tail was about 1/2 inch. I believe @beardless instructed me on the steps.

Thanks yeah I have seen that used alot. I was attempting to just go from water to soil if I am reading that right it seems like that is another method but tails seem short for the amount of time they have been soaking

Just make sure you get really cheap paper towels. The quality ones have tiny air holes in them and the roots can grow thru them. You will risk damaging them trying to get them out.

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Do you know a light height I should have with the seedlings. I have 2 Hlg 260s in a 4x4?