Screens, saved by USPS

Getting hard to find large screens, I’ve had 1" brass in the past, and you can find some of those online easier, but the stainless screens hold up to fire better. This is more important with torch flame lighters, but I use soft flame. First a vendor sold me 100, turned out they put 1" in the Ebay listing, but they were 1/2". I need to wait 3 more days to get that idiot’s refund. Then the next vendor I had to buy 200, but it was only $12 w/shipping. Gets marked shipped and then nothing. On the tracking it doesn’t even get marked as received, only that the label was created.

After a few days, that vendor refunded me. I have some 3/4" screen I got locally, but the problem is most all the latest pipes have small bowls as the bud is so much stronger, and most of those have metal bowls and use torch flames, this is not me. Mostly 1/2" local, but a couple places have 3/4". No 1" at all.

3rd vendor got me the 1" stainless screens in about a week, and had to pay $20 w/shipping. I’m happy, and White Willie is happy, and he knows best…he has only smoked one of the finest in his entire life, he likes 'da widow…that’s where he gets his name! :wink:

With 200 screens I should have screens for the rest of my life…seriously, I clean mine often so I don’t go through that many, otherwise I’d go through 200 in a half a year… :roll_eyes:


I bought a bunch from Amazon a while back I believe it was 8 bucks for 100 and they were preformed to fit a bowl


I got 100 screens from Amazon too a couple of years ago. It will be a lifetime supply for me since I am 60 and only smoke 1 bowl each evening. Same with seeds. My seed collection will outlast me.


The reason I use Ebay is I don’t have prime. My kids have it, and I could have gotten my son to order it for me, but if I do that he’ll pay for it and I didn’t want to burden him.

I’ve heard the seeds go bad over time…I just got some new ones. I’m getting ready to germinate them soon, but it’s just getting warm. Cold winter this year…I would say one of the coldest since I can remember in my 60+ years.

Are you guys getting the 1" size?

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Original Journey 2 pipe straight from there web site. No screen necessary. It is also good for traveling and the easiest pipe to clean we ever had. We have 3 so its pack and go.
Tried a knock off it just won’t hit to much air.

Not sure if these are the same ones I bought for some reason I can’t find them in my previous order list :thinking: I might have bought em from vapor when I bought the vaporizer. Either way they were something like these, I don’t remember them being 20 bucks either :joy: my ol brain has a leak I forget a lot :sweat_smile:

Does (1 and 2) mean you get 25 1" screens and 25 2" screens?

Mine are not pre-formed, but that looks convenient. What is the diameter when they’re pre-formed? I do have enough screens, but if they were more convenient for some reason I wouldn’t mind getting more…probably good with what I have though.

I gotta get out from under my rock more…

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These are specifically formed to fit in a arizer solo ll vaporizer stem but they have a hundred different types of formed screens… I would have to mic them to be sure but I guess they are 3/4" before they’re formed prolly 3/8 across the bottom flat… but don’t order them from my guess I’m probably off

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