RR plugs need advice


Ok once the plant sprouted from the rapid rooted and sees to be lskooming awesome that dAy. When would it be good to move said seedling to DWC setup she is destined to be brought into.

Like when would the seedling absolutely need to have neteients. IF I don’t move the right away should I behind to spray W light Nute

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I soak my rapid rooters in a mild nutrient solution before putting seedlings in them. I haven’t always done this, and used to just soak them in plain PH’d water.

I user a cloner as an intermediary step to get my roots longer and more ready for the final DWC system, however, once you have roots coming out of the rapid rooter, you can place it in your system and foliar feed (spray with a spray bottle) the plant a couple times a day until the roots grow long enough to reach the water in your system.

During this time, you can go with no nutes (until the cotyledons are used up - those are the first set of leaves on the plant, the little round ones), and then start it on a 200-300ppm solution. I usually don’t spray them with a nutrient solution, and only plain PH’d water. Once I see a couple nodes of “real” leaves (the saw-toothed types of leaves we all recognize as cannabis leaves) then I start them on a seedling nute formula.


I drop mine into hydroton before roots come out, that way they don’t get damaged in transplant

Once the top breaks ground they go into a bubble bucket and I let the airstone water them from there on


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I do have a cloner system, which I was thinking about using like you do. If I go straight to bucket I have to move a lot of my tent around and still have one plant in the cloner. Would just make more work if I did have to go to the bucket sooner.


You can definitely just go right to the bucket. You just should be prepared to top feed until the roots get into the water.


This is my first grow, but, I moved mine when they looked like this and they’re doing fine.

PhotoPictureResizer_190319_182523172-213x379 PhotoPictureResizer_190319_182502352-213x379

My water level was to the point where it was just entering the bottom of the net pots.


Awesome response! Exactly what I was looking for, Very helpful tips indeed.

When you use your cloner, do you put the whole rapid rooters into a netpot? Only question I can’t find in the forum is can they also be put right into a DWC system still in the RR?


Awesome! Looks like we have almost the same setup and equipment too lol. Thank you, helps a bunch


@boleg actually you did answer my question just read it again about placing it in there. Do
You use hydroguard? Should I use it? Right now doing Floraseries and CalMAg.



Can I please suggest this grow bible by the founder of ILGM

It’s a great resource to have on hand while being part of this forum. Everything comes together nicely :sunglasses:


I do. Some people cut them away, but I have always just left them around the plant.

But I don’t recommend leaving a 2" net pot around it. :smiley:


The whole thing went in just as you seer it in the pic.