Rosin wishes with wax coatings


Wuz up 420 & 710 family. I’m loving making my own wax, and Smoking it is even more. I think I’ve finally got a good routine going useing a flat iron until I can afford a big press.
Here’s some i pressed using GSCX kief


Also got the mini rig lol


Looks delish @Wishingilivedina420state I’m new to the wax/keif stuff. The butane extracted stuff do you know if you smoke that the same way as your wax?


@Covertgrower yes as far as I know you do. I don’t make it but I’d love to try some from a Dispensary but I live in prohibition land so it’s gonna be awhile.


@Wishingilivedina420state Yeah, I picked some up from a dispensary and I wanted to make edibles with it. (Decarb first) the Mrs had other plans with it. I wasn’t even sure if you could treat it the same. After I move, I know I’m going to use the dry ice method to get the trichome goodness.


If your using wax to cook with you don’t have to decarb it was done when it was pressed .


Butane extracted wax? I didn’t know this. Glad I didn’t decarb it. @Wishingilivedina420state


I’m gonna check into it a little more but I’m pretty sure. When I cook with weed I use bud , trim , and bubble hash. Sometimes if I use a tincture which I think is really nice. But personally I wouldn’t use my wax . Just my opinion @Covertgrower . If you’re interested in making your wax last longer a dry flower vape pen is a wounderfull thing imo. eBay if you decide to go that route because a good vape pen is a costly investment but well worth it to me. And also a lot easier to hide in plane sight .


Thanks for that @Wishingilivedina420state maybe it should be reserved for vaping. I actually have a decent vaporizer the Mrs hasn’t tried it yet. Just in a pipe. I typically use flower for edibles, but was going to use the wax as an experiment. Maybe when I have more access to it at a later date.


I gotta make my own to have any so I’m limited. But I’m sure it works in edibles


Wrapped the joint with a little oil .


What a time to be out of likes @Wishingilivedina420state


I gotta admit @Covertgrower it was a hell of a hi , about half way I was thinking about putting it out but didn’t want oil ever were or ashes all over the joint so I had to smoke it all by myself. I do not regret it at all lol :joy: