Rookie's first run


Took the girls out for a field trip this morning to bask in this unbelievable New England sunshine - and give my setup a day off. 68-78 degrees today @65% RH - but there’s a nice steady breeze.

Pics of the tops in natural sun light. It’s like taking pics of your kids, you just can’t help yourself…

Off today. Find myself running to the front of the house every time I hear a truck coming up the road.

Enjoy the day!


Great looking plants my friend.
My home town is Morally ass



Really, which one?



Looking goody friend. What week of flowering are you in?


First link lol @garrigan62


They broke soil on 05/10.
Left them in veg under cfl’s 'til 07/01 (I’m pretty sure I flipped the light way too early and forced them… I’m learning not to be an impatient bastard with these plants).
Moved them to tent and better lighting ~ 07/15.
So, I’d say they are end of week four of flowering. The bud growth/explosion over the past few days has been really cool to watch.


I am from Boston rookiereefer…Glad to meet another NE Grower… your doing great and keep up the great work. look forward to learning from each other…Have a Good day! Happy Growing to ALL!


@Beantownnewbie @garrigan62 @Laurap
Thanks!!! - from Central Mass…

Next summer I’ll expand my hobbying and get a plant or two going outside to see what this acidic NE soil can do for me over a shorter outdoor season.


I hope I never loose my phone and have someone go through my pics.
I think there are now more pics of my plants than there are of my kids…
…and this was grow #1


Yeah me too after a 1st grow , if like me, it slows down drastically like anything else…I was fron central MASS too…Gardner,Leominster, etc…


yes, wachusett valley


Autos arrived on Saturday. MixPack (AH/BB/NL)
They went from my mailbox to water within ten minutes of getting home.
I’ve read so much, and made some mistakes with my bag seeds - now it’s time to see what I’ve learned.

24 hr soak (a full 24hrs) - they all sank.
24 hr into damp paper towel on a plate in a warm dark place (with a little mykos).
24 hrs later:

  • Both Amnesia Haze had taps about 1/8 - 1/4" long
  • One Blueberry had a tap ~ 1/8" and the other the casing had cracked open but no tap yet.
  • One Northern Light had a tap again ~ 1/8", but the other the seed looked almost black.

They all went into solo cups (about a 1/4" down) filled with seed starter potting mix, peat moss and a little mykos. Placed a sandwich bag loosely over the top of each cup to keep help them warm and moist. Under 4ft fluorescents @80w (til they break soil).

24hrs after dropping seeds into soil - I have One AH and One BB now standing above the soil. Pulled the bags off those cups so the seedlings get better light (now @ 160w)

I’ve found that checking them every fifteen to twenty minutes really doesn’t show me much… So I’m crashing for the night and will post a new count in the morning.

Thanks again to all that have posted and shared their experiences and knowledge. I’ll try and do the same!



Keep us updated!



So we advanced over night with another AH breaking the surface! A little after 48hrs into soil we are at 50%. Pics of the starter pit are a bit sketchy with the flourescents - but here is where they are now. Running out to grab a small propagation dome now so I can get them all under one cover. Easier to keep them moist and control the humidity a little better til they hit the “bigger” tent and go under LED.

Starter pit 080617



1st BB

Taking off for another day of work (after I go grab that tray) - I’ll post another update when I get back tonight.



You’re probably going to want to wrap those cups in something. Light will damage the roots once they get to the edge of the translucent cup.


Because he is busy at 4:20 lol


@dbrn32 thanks for the note on the cup wrap…

Another twenty minutes in the room and I’m off for work. Here’s the new dome with cups wrapped (duct tape for now 'cause I’m running late already…)


When watering the seedlings before placing them in the dome, our first NL has popped the surface as well. 4 of 6 and I’m going to work a happy man.


Yeah, about those cups…

That’s what I get for not actually READING the name as opposed to going by site as I’m running thru the store. They certainly looked like “SOLO” cups…


No new activity on the seedlings after a day at work.

Two AH are turning a darker green now and are 1/2 - 3/4 with secondary leaves showing.
One BB is also turning a darker green @ ~ 1/2" - w/ secondary leaves showing.
2nd BB has yet to show.
One NL is turning from yellow to green and is under a 1/2"

Bumped the lights with my small side flourescents so we’re @ 200w now over and around the dome.

080917 Dome

080917 Dome Lighting 195w

I’m sure I’ll be checking them every half hour or so 'til I crash tonite.

My tops on my existing three ladies continue to swell. Here’s a pic of each top - I’ve been bringing them outside everyday where there has been no chance of rain - and I recently added some additional drain holes in the bottoms of the pots as they seemed to take forever to dry out.

Little Nute burn end of last week, so I flushed them as soon as I noticed the tips were turning.
Still learning.


Shouldn’t be a big deal with the tape on them.