Rookie's first run


A quick update on the seedlings.
We are still at four of six - with ONE BB and ONE NL still under a warm humid cup.

I planted six because I was planning on gifting two - so while I have not totally given up on those two, yesterday morning I dropped a seed of each into room temp water - then into damp paper towel (a little mykos) and off to a warm dark place. (sharing a heat source with my BB and NL that have yet to pop).

Twelve hours into the paper towel soak the NL has a nice 1/4" tap but the BB has barely cracked open…

Here’s a snap of the youngins’ now day 2 and/or 3 after hitting the surface. The AH1 and NL have started to push out their second set of leaves in just two days.
AH1 081117

AH2 081117

BB1 081117

NL1 081117

I cut the lights back to 160w (all fluorescents) and dropped them to ~3" above the plants. Temp in the room is 78degrees and RH ~65. I pulled the dome cover to get the lights closer (it served it’s purpose - if even only for a few days…). Now that the seedlings have extended above the rim of the cups I started a low volume fan across the tops just to you can barely see them moving.

Any suggestions please feel free to chime in and help me keep these babies healthy.


Quick update on the seedlings.
We were still at 4 of 6 (so 1 NL and 1 BB did not get above soil).
At 7 days now they look awesome - the daily growth of the autos is unreal.
Amnesia Haze #1

Amnesia Haze #2

Blueberry #1

Northern Lights #1

And the cola on the top of my shortest “first run” plant is now almost 12" long…

Sorry about the lighting in that pic - the timer kicked in and shutdown when I was getting ready to snap that.



The GIFT that keeps giving:
So I stop at a friends house on my way home tonite - he had recently came by my place to socialize and checked out my setup. Anyway he had dropped 13 seeds into water 48hrs ago and had intended to start his grow. Anyway, he gifted me those 13 - 8 of which had taps in water already. They are now ALL soaking in a warm wet paper towel with a little mykos.

3 Super Skink
5 Strawberry Double Deisel
5 Violator Kush

Nice to have friends.


How old what strain?


@Fever The seedlings are (2) Amnesia Haze (1) Blueberry and (1) Northern Light (all autos).

I have (1) Blueberry and (1) Northern Light (also autos) that popped yesterday/today and will now be one week behind. Replacements for the two that failed.

Time to start seriously considering upgrading my tent - or setting a second.


@Fever and the bag seed plant…
I honestly have no freakin’ idea what she is…
Started by germining some seeds we had laying around.
Dropped 10 old seeds - got four good germs - three ended up females.
(sorry for the multiple replies)


What’s the “glove method”? How do u know if CO2 is needed?


That’s a good friend lol hope you got lots of room to keep them you going to have a forest of plants lol
And a lot of work ahead of you woohoo
Happy growing I’ll be watching to see how this turn out
Mountains of bud bro if you pull it off :cowboy_hat_face: :+1: :v:️ CB
Tag me if you need anything or have any questions bro :+1:


@Countryboyjvd1971 thanks man I’m sure I’m going stray a few times, way more complicated grow than I wanted but how do you say no to that…? I’ve been reading posts from yourself @Rugar89, @Oldstoner, and alot of what @garrigan65 has posted (and other seniors of course).

You guys make me want to do better by showing me what is possible. THANKS.

I’m a carpenter, never claimed to be a grower of anything.


10/4 @RookieReefer I’m a hvac guy myself
You’ll do fine bro
I agree I wouldn’t have been able to say no either lol
Any time you need help just tag me bro
And with the help of the community you’ll have a successful harvest and you won’t look back you’ll be growing for many years lol


The Gift.
So he had no idea how many seeds he dropped into that baby food jar he gave me - all told there were actually 25 seeds that he handed me. He had them in water for 48hrs (who knows he’s not always clear headed… could have been 72hrs or more for all I know). He’s done outdoor guerilla grows in the past so that’s where he was going I guess - but way too late here in NE to start one now. Of the twenty seeds that germ’d 8 had solid 3/8" taps, 4-5 were just starting to show a tap and another 5-6 that the casing was cracked open and the tap was just starting. Another five seeds were almost black looking with no change after setting in a paper towel with mykos for 24hrs.

Let me answer the question most will have as they read this, Yes, he dropped three strains of seeds into a single jar - then lost his motivation. So again, I’ll be growing plants without knowing for sure what each strain is… At least I have my known autos…

24hrs after hitting soilstarter pit photo period 081917

24hrs after being planted we have 4 new seedlings in the prop tray. Best I can do for lighting for the next week or two will be these cfl’s. I just wanted something there to greet/encourage the seedlings as they break the surface - there’s also a 35w blue spot on them to generate some heat and humidity inside the dome.

My existing first run ladies are in their last week or so now. Stopped feeding them nutes a week ago. They’ll get their last watering this weekend then be placed in total darkness on mon/tues for 4 days to dry out before being harvested. Once harvested the autos go into the tent under the LEDs and these new seedlings move under the 4’ fluorescent bulbs. I’ll be looking to keep the new photos in veg until I harvest the autos in 65-75 days. I don’t know if the timing works perfectly but that’s what I’m aiming for. The primary reason I wanted to grow autos is that I should be able to turn my smaller tent over every 75-90 days. That’s potentially FOUR harvests per year. Shit I could actually get good at this if I can harvest four times a year,

The one nice thing about growing photos inside is that I should be able to keep them in veg as long as I need to, then flip the lights to 12/12 when it’s time to move to the tent. The biggest issue for me (other than lack of knowledge or experience) is real estate - my grow space is limited.

Time to go relax and spend an hour or so in the room - enjoy the day!


@PHamm it’s just a variation of the DIY CO2 generators that typically use drip lines. Here’s a pic of what mine look like.
First Grow Setup

You can google DIY CO2 generators and you’ll find a few ways that you can easily add CO2 to your grow area. There are debaters for/against - in my case I think they were beneficial.

The glove method simply has holes at the end of each finger, the pressure built inside the generator/glove literally blast CO2 in multiple directions within your confined grow area. They are easy to pull out and refuel with sugar/yeast after they run their cycle. The drip lines are nice, but depending on how close they are set to your plants they can be a pain in the a$$. CO2 is heavier than O2, so set your generators such that the CO2 is as close to your plants as possible for max benefit.

Measuring CO2…? I never did in my grow room. I generate CO2 inside my vented tent, and the room in which it resides is very well supplied with fresh air.

There are plenty of CO2 bags that can be purchased and hung if you’re not into making/mixing your own batches.

Good luck with your grow.


Update on the autos.
They were moved out from under the flourescents today and placed in the tent under the 450w LED (running just w/ veg) 22" above the plants. They were actually moved early this morning and originally the LED was more like 36" above for the first 8-9hrs - and moved when I sped home from work…

082117 Tent and LED

Eight days old, and ready to start thinking about topping these little babies. I’ll get a few close-ups to get an opinion on whether they are ready. The four largest plants have just pushed out their third set of real leaves - but the original “pod” leaves are still intact/green/healthy.

082117 Move to LED

And here’s the last pic of my best top cola from my “first run” bag seeds… she was just over 12" long and 3" wide… She’s standing in a dark room with the other three now for a few days before we harvest them.



Very nice @RookieReefer enjoy the harvest :+1: CB


@Countryboyjvd1971 Thanks man. The smell in the room is unreal. Thankfully the wife is at the beach this week so I’ll be able to air this house out. Two more days til trimming…
Hoping it will be fully cured and ready to break out for Thanksgiving.


@RookieReefer if you harvesting in two days you’ll be able to smoke it for sure buy thanksgiving bro :+1:


@Countryboyjvd1971 sweet.

I’ve set myself to perform bud washing right after trimming and before hanging. I’ve read a few different threads on here. Have you ever tried it or have an opinion…?

Much appreciated.


I haven’t but heard it’s good
I may try it when I harvest my outdoor plants
@Hogmaster washes his plants so maybe he can give you a little more advice @RookieReefer
If he’s around I’m sure he’ll jump in


Cool thanks. Most of the outdoor growers pretty much think it’s a no brainer. I don’t feed through the foliage much but even in the tent “things” still get on the plants/buds. Those that do bud washing swear it evens out the drying. What the hell - they were bag seeds this is my chance to figure it out I guess.


Exactly lol
I heard it does make it taste better?
I try not to throw to much stuff at mine to control bugs and what not I dust with de a few times before flowering ? Never had a issue befor but as I stated I am thinking of trying it can’t hurt not sure if it will actually help with drying tho ? I know some people wet trim their buds ? Meaning trim them when harvested not when dry