Robmin1973 grow journal emerald harvest and botnicare nutes


Here a pic of the tent. Almost done with 3rd week of flower.


I would say that smart pots do not work well with the type of watering schedule I like to keep. I keep watering logging the pots. Someone suggested I bottom feed and that has solved my watering issues. I will not use smart pots in the future unless I have too. But if I do , i will bottom feed.


These will be my new pots going forward.

  • Hercules Gro Pro Root Master Pots


If you use canna pk 13/14 use it as they recommend. I think the canna stuff looks very good, but even the canna die hards don’t seem to be big fans of the pk 13/14.


My true bloom booster is the emerald harvest king cola, i wanted to use the canna ok as a spike boost but even my friend that recommended it said he couldn’t really tell a diff. I may keep looking.


@Sirsmokes. Welcome sir. My story is I have a friend that grows pounds per grow and I want to be like Mike! Haven’t gotten there yet. This is my 3rd round. First hermied, i got pissed and pulled early. 2nd got fried and foxtailed, pulled that not bad but had seeds blah!

3rd looking good, growing vigilante, something I got from a guy in mi.



@dbrn32. Can I replace the carbon in my filter? Or it better to just by a new one?


I’ve seen people doing it. Probably depends on how your filter comes apart and goes back together. I’ve always just bought a new one.