Robmin1973 grow journal emerald harvest and botnicare nutes

Here a pic of the tent. Almost done with 3rd week of flower.


I would say that smart pots do not work well with the type of watering schedule I like to keep. I keep watering logging the pots. Someone suggested I bottom feed and that has solved my watering issues. I will not use smart pots in the future unless I have too. But if I do , i will bottom feed.

These will be my new pots going forward.

  • Hercules Gro Pro Root Master Pots

If you use canna pk 13/14 use it as they recommend. I think the canna stuff looks very good, but even the canna die hards don’t seem to be big fans of the pk 13/14.

My true bloom booster is the emerald harvest king cola, i wanted to use the canna ok as a spike boost but even my friend that recommended it said he couldn’t really tell a diff. I may keep looking.

@Sirsmokes. Welcome sir. My story is I have a friend that grows pounds per grow and I want to be like Mike! Haven’t gotten there yet. This is my 3rd round. First hermied, i got pissed and pulled early. 2nd got fried and foxtailed, pulled that not bad but had seeds blah!

3rd looking good, growing vigilante, something I got from a guy in mi.


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@dbrn32. Can I replace the carbon in my filter? Or it better to just by a new one?

I’ve seen people doing it. Probably depends on how your filter comes apart and goes back together. I’ve always just bought a new one.

@dbrn32. Do u know of any temperature regulator that I could plug a heater into that would then turn on and off to keep a certain temp?

I’m in a drafty room, temps down into the mid 60s. I have a heater but it doesn’t turn off and will eventually get temps too high. I’m coming up to the beginning of the 4th week of flower. I’ve read a dip in temps during flower can help tighten up the buds, not sure about that. Prior to the drop in temps here, i was 75 with lights on and 68 during sleepy time.

Inkbird on amazon

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Perfect ty

Good morning. @dbrn32. Wow after seeing all the journal’s u are a part of I feel bad now calling your attn. Please take a look at my leaves. Do they look light bleached? My leaves are a light green and now are showing two colors on the leaves. I did give the plants a little pk boost last feeding. I’m planning on giving a regular feeding next time. What is making my plant leaves so light green getting even lighter? I did also strip off most of the old fan leaves and in the way bud growth.

See how the inside of the leaf is darker than the edge of the leaves.

I have the qbs about 1ft above the tall ones

It looks like outer parts of leaves just have more frost on them. Probably looks different to you in person, but that’s what I see in the pic.

Light green leaves usually sign of begging stage of nitrogen deficiency. Hard to say that’s the issue without going through your last few feedings and everything else about your grow though. I don’t see what I would consider light damage either. If I had to guess your light being that close just has par levels very high and photosynthetic rates are high enough that she’s being a nute hog.

Try raising your light 4-6” to slow that down s little and get a little more nitrogen into your next feed or two and see how that goes.

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I’m being told it might be mites ugg

You should be able to look close and see them if that’s the case.

I don’t know how someone arrives at mites unless there are more pics.

I’m not sure what is going on but they don’t look too bad and @dbrn32 knows his stuff and his assessment sounds right on.

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I’ll agree, i checked for mites and there aren’t any. I gave them a full feeding , so maybe I’m just nutz. The leaves are full of crystals. Four weeks to go.

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