Revegging my Obi Wan Kush

Hi guys, I decided to try and re veg my Obi and she has some wounds from harvest. So I put molasses on the cut areas and stuck her back in 24 hr light.
Is there anything I can do to help make it easier? I fear it may be too late as she is wilting a bit. Think she may not make it, but if there is a trick, i would appreciate the knowledge.

Honey would better I think but I’m no expert .

I use a cut paste that I used for bonsai. Amazing how much a mature plant can “bleed”!

Don’t trip when your single bladed leaves start coming out. It’s normal stress response. It will barely look like a marijuana plant until she can recover.

A great reason to grow photoperiod girls! Don’t do it with an Auto. Not worth the effort in my experienced opinion.

Can’t wait to see her…


This right here my hitta! Puff puff pass! :joy::pray:t3::beer:

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Did you happen to get some pictures you could post? I’m interested in watching the Amnesia Haze grow as I recently was gifted the high yield mix pack.

Always a learning curve…

Have not started my grow yet brotha! I don’t want to take the thread out of direction, but I have my own grow journal on here find me lol I will have the start to finish on this one.

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@FloridaSon thise single leaves you were telling me about are really starting to show. They do not have the jagged shaped leaves we are all used to seeing so it is really interesting watching this plant re veg itself again. Heres a pic of Obi now after cutting her up a few weeks ago.

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I agree about how interesting it is. Freaked me out the first time I saw it happen. I just knew I messed something up!

As she begins to come back, you’re going to need to make some decisions. Will you prune to just the strongest branch and grow out naturally? Screen what comes up? Clone from her and just keep her as a mother?

Don’t forget your root system. You don’t have enough leaves to support the feeding roots that you have now. I’m not sure what happens with the roots that will dye back.

I know new roots will form to supply the new growth. But it may be possible that as the old roots decompose, that process may affect nitrogen and/or pH.

If you aren’t familiar with root pruning, I would not suggest it for a plant you want to keep. Perhaps repotting into the next size up container would help?

:slight_smile: The wonderful world of weed…

I am curious about that as well. I went from the gallon and a half pot it was in, which i admit was quite small for this strain, but shes in a 3 gallon now. I Didnt do much to the root ball and it was pretty compacted so who knows.
As far as pruning it back, I want to see where the most leaves build up so I can decide how I need to shape it. Everything you said would happen did bro and I am going to stick with it. Ill give you updates as it happens.
I have one more question for ya, the new single leaves are steadily appearing here and there, but the larger leaves I left on the plant are dying off. Is this normal? I figured the quick shoots of single leaves are a preservation mechanism so they can photosynthesize and remain alive and protect only the new growth? Sound about right? Goes with what you mentioned about the old roots dying off and new roots forming. Hope it does not effect the ph or causes sickness. This is truly the best smoke ive ever had and really want to keep it alive.

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I remember reading this years and years ago, not sure how true it is as I’ve never experimented in doing it. But from what I’ve read, if you do manage to keep your plant alive and reveg it and get it through the next bloom cycle, the end product will never be a good as the original. As I said not sure how true it is, just remember reading it years back.


Either way, will be interesting to see how you go with it, good luck!


I’ve heard the same thing before, but as with many things, I’ve heard contradicting reports.

Since I am just now getting ready to set up lights, I plan on trying to carry something over. Can’t do that outside from my experience.

I believe latewood mentioned finding a good mother plant and using a good clone to make a new mother. That would also help with the rooting issues I mentioned to THSee above.