RDWC bucket sizing question

@Myfriendis410 - hey, now that i setup the ro you suggested (works great, thanks), i am off on my next setup rdwc. i picked up 2 17 gal containers from the store - mainly for reservoir but got to thinking will this be ok with using 5 gal buckets for plants. i intend to do only 2 plants, reservoir and water storage. intent is 2" returns with 1" out. if i could i would go to one for my plants but i doubt the 17 gal is big enough? i think i can go to a 27 gal but based on dimensions that is it. i cannot find anything that indicates if sizing differences like that could be an issue - 5 gal buckets, 17 gal reservoir.

tote is below. i think it is 26x17


I used those totes as my buckets and one with the reservoir was a larger (29 gallon) as a rez. That gives you a LOT more liquid which helps keep your solution PH stable longer.

You do want to cover the yellow with foil or black paint.

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