QueenCityB's Somango, African Buzz, and Alasksan Purple grow journal 2020 (first journal)

Yes that’s an undergravel filter I believe your mentioning. They usually take up the length of the bottom & are more like a plastic tray plus they have supply & uplift tubes. If we are on the same page. Air stones usually aren’t buried as they would just agitate all the nasty fish shit/sediment.


Thanks guys. I’m going to post a series of photos when I put my compost tea brewer together.

When I got permitted to grow and had seeds in some dirt earlier this year, I sure was hoping my 4/20 would look like this.

(and I still got my legal limit flowering, and vegging. I have legal room for 4 more seedlings, so you know I will have some seeds sitting under moist soil this week.)


This is what I use…the pump is oversized but I plan on making tea in trash can for outside garden and trees etc but use use it with one or two hoses for 5 gallon and just shut off valves to others and it has a release valve to vent extra air when not used at full capacity.


Thanks @Skydiver
I have seen pumps similar to that, but those pumps come in so many sizes that I wasnt sure what would be too small or what would be overkill. I’ll grab that one and those stones and just be done with it.

I’m not sure if you saw the living soil i built. Its up on post 793. I’m intending to transition away from bottled fertilizers.

I have been learning tons, but I might be asking you for some feeding advice along the way if things get weird.

Thanks again.


I have 4 of those same pumps myself :+1: :v:


Check this post out…the This is better recipe is what I’ve made with some tweeks of my own because I can’t resist lol
You’ll want to add some more things in there like for calcium magnesium etc. do a slurry test on your mix to get an idea where it’s at PH wise. You’ll want some buffer in there for PH like crushed oyster shells and dolomite lime etc… NPK and Mg Ca are the big ones plus of course all the minor ones in small quantities.
If you can build it with stuff in there it makes for less stressful grow.
Many have used that recipe above with great success. I get most of my dry amendments on amazon but they are made by Down To Earth.
Some things are less expensive at say tractor supply they have big bag of oyster shells they sell to people who raise chickens. Dolomite lime (powder or prilled…prilled form is little balls easier to apply where powder is well powdery lol) at Lowe’s etc etc.
Happy to help where I can but I’m still figuring all this stuff out too. If I would not always want to experiment I would be better off but hey I like to.
If you look through my first grow using Miracle Grow…I only used Teas and top dressed dry amendments during the grow and went to harvest and was very happy with end results.

Might give you some ideas. Had some bumps in the road but it all worked out


I’m glad your journal wasnt as long as mine. You are using some pretty great ingredients.

I just had a horrible work weekend.

I needed to get high and walk my dog today.


So what was the stress reliving choice? Lol… my go to is usually the Big Bud from ILGM this grow… bet that Somango worked !:grin:


No matter what happens you can always count on dog to be there when ya need them! No judgement no silly questions just …well…dog


Today was Alaskan Purple.
I was walking around with Blockhead zonked.
It was nice.
I’m still letting the Somango cure. I gave away a bag full, but I am still being patient and waiting until it’s ready. Its close.


:man_facepalming: hate patience…Lol but you got a great in between! Hoping that somango is a hard headdy high as I have seeds on the real short list! Lol. along with some kind of fruity Kush seeds …yet to be determined!

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Patience has paid off. The African Buzz that is finally cured out nicely and has been sampled. I’m glad I waited. It smells incredible. I’m going and going like the Energizer Bunny. My wife was trying to go to sleep and she took a couple puffs off a H. She was awake for two more hours.
I got the damn munchies too, and I just wanna do stuff.
I’m loving this African Buzz.The rest of those buds are gonna’ be saved for day needs.
I think I’ll germinate four more of them tonight.
Before I smoked my cloner looked like this.

That little MJ clone is a Somango thatvwas pulled in flower.

She’s sprouted roots.

But all those empty foams were bugging me, so I hacked away on a beautiful AK-48 that is in veg. Now i have four more fast flowering photo plants to play into my schedule.

Or should I say, now I have four more females to show me their plans?!

Since I’m not drying in the moment, i moved my free mystery into the 2X2 and a couple of lights.

@Skydiver dogs are the Sh#@!!!

Bow wow wow yippee yoh yippee yay…


That clone is gonna be a freak, consequently, I love it already :green_heart:
That strain chart is original and different, so it’s cool AF in my books.
Agreed, dogs are the sh!t.
My 2 have completely different personalities.
One is OCD, even pees on her ball, so she won’t lose it :joy:
The other, a Malamute, stubborn cranky old fart. Who gets jealous if you pat another dog :joy:


I was at a pow wow one time with a girlfriend and a really cool mutt I had for 17 years named Casey Jones. He looked a lot like a dingo.
We just sat down on the grass Casey raised his leg and marked me. AUGH!!!
Another time, when I was at a different girlfriend’s house, in her driveway, her father came out to talk and Casey marked her right in front of him. It was hilarious ( because I wasnt the one peed on.)
Dang dogs.
Cant help but to love em anyway.


I’ve got 3 bulldogs, all three have their favorite toys. The oldest male likes nylon bones. We have about 15 of them and he will take them outside and hide them. After hiding them he always puts a mark on each one. If he sees the other dogs toys laying outside he’ll mark them to. Have to keep toys picked up in inside or he’ll put a little squirt on them. He’s almost 11 years old and the wife still thinks she can break him from doing this. I just laugh at her when tells me she’ll stop him from doing it.


:joy::joy::joy: he made you his b!tch,
never had a dog do that to me, try and hump me maybe :joy: the fact he looked like a Dingo, is also cool AF, huh @kettle.
Thanks bro, I had a DAY
I needed that laugh. :v:


Everyone else laughed at me, too. I think he was just scared and reminding himself where his safe spot was.
There were people dancing, and bells jingling, and drumbeats leading the celebration. Drunkenness and laughter and just good old rowdiness was going on and he was being skittish.
He was cool, anyway. I’d vouch for him being one of the coolest dogs there were. Everybody loved Casey Jones.


Damn this African Buzz keeps pushing me. Energetic stuff. Dont grow and smoke this to relax. I’m very happy, but buzzing with energy. And weed always tastes the beat when there is no middleman.

Here is the next wave of African Buzz

And Somango

And Alaskan Purple.

And AK-48

And Pineapple Chunk

And the best steamroller I own. Gotta hit this herb some more. Peace!



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Can anyone help me identify this beautiful flowering shrub in the corner of the front yard of the home I purchased last year?

This thing looks great, but I dont have any idea what it is or how to feed it.

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