QueenCityB's Somango, African Buzz, and Alasksan Purple grow journal 2020 (first journal)

2x4x5 grow tent
6" exhaust fan
Small space heater
1500w cheap import full spectrum LED fixture
6" clip on oscillating fan
3 gallon grow bags
Medium: 1 part super soil, 1 part happy frog, 1 part coco
Nutes: vegged with Fox Farms Grow Big, just did a water flush for a week and am now transitioning to GH micro, and Bloom. I havent started the bloom yet.

Ph control: slightly under 1/2 tsp. per gallon Apple Cider Vinegar with nutes gets me to just under 6.5ph.

I had a lot of trouble getting my space dialed in to hold the correct temperature. My plants were abused with weather drops and very high ph (7.7) municipal water for most of their young lives.

I finally have those variables stabilized. I’m gonna train these across a net that I will install tomorrow.

The two biggies are ready, I’m just gonna flower the small ones at the same time to fill in the canopy with nice single buds of a different flavor. With net training, and about another week, they should all be about the same height for the canopy to thrive.

These are all photo period plants.

12/12 is coming soon.

If anyone sees any errors that I am doing, I’d love to hear some advice from fellow growers. This isnt my first grow, but I havent been able to do this for like a decade, so I’m just winging it, and relearning.

The last time I did this, it was at risk of prison. This time I can share and learn with a community. This is a very nice change.


I’m on board for your grow.


Here we go. Not sure when I’ll flip my light cycle.

This was a brutal day.

First, I had to take my safety pin bonsai wire training system apart.

The plants were trained. They kept the same shape.

But I needed to let the breath better, so I knew it was time to open up some space for air flow.

I pulled out my strongest baby Alaskan Purple. She’ll be trained for a couple months. She will keep that strain alive.

I kept the two weaklings in their forever home. They’re not coming back out until I cut them down.

And then I had to cut a net. Zip tie it in place, and train the Somango and African Buzz to this first layer of netting.

And now I’m going to sleep. I worked a 12 hour overnight shift, then did all this. I have another 12 tonight.

I cant wait to see how they look tomorrow.


I have never tried to SCROG before.

I feel like it’s about time to add another net a few inches above the canopy. Not quite sure.

I’m really just winging it.


Disclaimer: two days between photos


Thanks to everyone that said hi in my first thread. @Stonedrus had me and @peachfuzz laughing about my incandescent light in my budget space. :grin::man_facepalming:

Then I started reading some thread by @dbrn32 about lights so that I could learn more. Now I want to build one like so many others.

Decided to go back and look up my light in this tent. The first big number advertised is 1500w

But then when you’re flippin’ through images you realize that it’s actually a 260w light.

These other pictures have some more details for those that know more than me.

I think I should add more light since I am starting flowering now that i have been reading that other thread.

Since i already have one, would one more of these be better for my flowers? Anything better to run with this in the same price range? Too late to add?

I’m second guessing everything. I wish i would have learned about this forum before i started buying stuff on black friday 2019.


Specs don’t look too bad for what you paid. I would say it’s a little small for your space though. If you would like to build a light I would think it’s good opportunity to maybe build a smaller light to add to it. Then run a grow or two and you could always build a second light to replace your blurple.


I would love to build a light. The Army gave me 9 months of electronics training when I was just 18. Those classes have been invaluable.

I’m also a guitar guy (maybe not a great player) but I love and play for personal enjoyment. I have built a small amp and soldered pickups on over the years. The light build sounds fun to me.

I’m just overwhelmed in the thread I’m reading because it has like 2400 responses or something. It’s like trying to read Tolstoy’s War and Piece but finding instructions on a single page without a digital search function.

I went to HLG site, but only found “kits” that were larger than my needs, at this time. I’m sure I’ll need to piece my own together, and that is fine, and fun, but I am on information overload with all the info and just cant figure out where to start.

Good news, though. I have started 12/12 cycle today. I’ll keep pics coming to share my little girls with you all. I just cant go look at them for about 5 more hours, dangitt! :grin:

That’s lil ms. Somango. Shes pretty!:wink:


Building lights aren’t that difficult. If you decide to, there’s people here that can help.


Its gonna be a pay period away (this one is mortgage and car, ya’ know) but, I was kinda checking this out to add in a couple weeks.

Or would there be an even better way with this being the max budget I can allow for the time being?


Hi there, taggin along, if you don’t mind?

When a thread is that large you can choose to summarize it at the beginning of the thread.

Anything with the letters QB are a winner in my noob opinion, but you have already spoken to the go-to guy for light builds.

Good vibes and good luck for your grow :call_me_hand:


Thanks @Enlightened420. And I dont mind at all. Often, more minds help.

Here is what they looked like waking up after their first period of 12 hr darkness just this evening.


So you’ve just flipped? How exciting, good time to be watching.


Current soil temp and humidity.

current canopy temp


While I’m in my room, I’ll share this.

I just started this set up.

This fan is way to big for this 4x2x5 space.

It’s a 6 iincher. At least in winter it is much too effective at cooling. Obviously, I couldn’t go without one, so the get fresh air pulled in.

Even on low speed it was too much.

So I ordered one of these:

When I turn the exhaust fan on its lowest setting and just barely have this under full blast, I can find equalization in my temperature.

That solution drove me mad. I couldn’t figure it out until just a couple weeks ago, until I got that power control (potentiometer).

But for now, all is well


Marshydro makes 150wat qb style light for 129 bucks you do not have to put together. Ts1000. I have 2 in my 2x4 tent and they work great. That hgl is great as well. I also have an Alaskan purple growing.


Thanks, @Axemanjake23 ( I’m still researching) I found a retailer in my home state that will make deals for kit pricing plus a discount. I’m checking out everything.

But, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please gather 'round for the good news.

It’s a girl!

After only 2 dark periods they have both shown me these…

But I’m having trouble getting a good close up with the air movement while trying to do it handheld. Not to good for macro photography.

I’ll keep inspecting for sacks.

The Alaskan Purpls arent there yet, but some sun goddess has show up to dance her to up into womanhood, too!

And like sands through the hourglass, those are the days of our lives.



and today in the Blurple Garden of Eden…


Today’s not such a supercailfralagical kinda’ day.

Check out this crap…

I think my African buzz is a male.

Does anyone else agree?

Is there anyway we can see a pic in natural light. It does kinda look like nanners. But a better pic would help

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