Purple Seedling?

The holy grail for gorilla growers… don’t even look like weed man that’s crazy

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Ok, fellow Buds, she is an outdoor grow now almost 2 months old. I reluctantly pinched the new growth, but at closer view she’s starting to sprout new growth. I am still shocked how well it is doing; never thought she’d come this far. Little purple freak midget.


Sorry, I thought I replied. The strain is unknown. I found about 10-12 seeds in a large bud of critical mass I purchased a few months ago. Five of eight plants look normal, one looks mottled, but growing and the purple one you’ve seen is growing new growth after pinching the top. The last broadleaf plant is anybody’s guess. Will look into cutting a clone for sure. Latest pics of the last three mentioned are here. Any thoughts on strains here I am all ears. Oh, and also keeping eyes on their sexes!!! Thanks.


A successful pinch, and she went crazy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Very nice!! What I would give for a cutting of that lol.

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Lol, I don’t even know what is to come of this. May not even be pot, but will let it take its course. The app, PlantSnap, tends to see it as something from the sumac species, but no definite match. It looks like the largest leafs have no more than 9, whereas sumac tends to grow many more. When it gets a little taller, I am going to cut one of the lower leafs and see if I can root it in water. You’re welcome to a cutting, can figure out logistics later.


Sumac did come to mind when I saw it developing.

Any chance to can put it 12/12 and see if it flowers?

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It’s an outdoor grow, so will be a little while.

Rob Carlson

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Not in the cannabis family, most likely something in the Sumac family.