Purple Haze marijuana maturing early?

A question from a fellow grower:

I have a question about my purple haze, I have two of them in
flowering phase day 42. And it seems that one of them is a bid ahead of
the other one, and even almost ready for harvest. Could it be that the
strain mature’s two or three weeks early than given flower time?Also there isn’t any sign of the purple jet.

It is normal for plants to vary in maturing. That said, this one is not ready yet. I don’t even consider it until I get another quarter dark “hairs,” and even then I check the trichomes before making a final decision. And I never use the grow lights to decide. I either turn off the lights and use a hand held, or bring the plant out to normal lighting.

Some people due to necessity or impatience even change the light schedule to give the plant a couple of more dark hours to speed up the process.