Proper amount of lumens from LEDs for seedlings eventually going outdoors

How many lumens from LEDs lights should seedlings receive that are eventually going outdoors!

@dbrn32 , you give a guru’s opinion?

I have no idea in lumens because conversion in light spectrum is different. Ppfd of couple hundred umols/s is pretty good for seedlings though. As plants get more developed increase intensity to harden them off.

Thanks! @dbrn32 , I didn’t have a clue about the lumens! But I have always felt that they don’t have a big part of plants production. Lumens is how bright, not the intensity of spectrum.

Lumens/lux are measured on photometric scale that has wavelength most easily identified by human eye weighted more heavily. So light that appears brighter to us will measure higher on that scale. Plants don’t identify light the way we do, as such light energy should be measured on more linear scale.

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Cool! Bright doesn’t mean right.

Ppfd of roughly 1000+(depending on how much shade you put them under) should prepare them fine (but they’re not ready for that until at least week 3 (500 max week one 750 week two)