Progress! With one issue spotted


I couldn’t find the list to copy, but I have
2 plants
Growing in sphagnum moss for now
600w full spectrum led light
150w cfl bulb
Unknown seeds

Plants are about 3 weeks old. I currently have them on 24 hours of light to make up for the lack of proper lighting I had in the beginning.
**When should I switch to a light schedule?
**And when can I start fertilizing?
Have fox farms grow big fertilizer, and I mixed into my gallon per directions on bottle, and then filled my spray bottle half full of solition, and then filled the rest with just water to dilute.

***issue is just the tips of the older two leaves on both plants are a light green. I’ve been trying to diagnosis but they don’t match any pictures and haven’t progressed further, or is it happening on new growth.

Pictures below, taken one day apart, so they are definitely growing!


Can you post pics in natural light? It’s very difficult to see anything in the blurple.



Sorry its upside down. That’s uncomfortable to look at too😂


Looks like a little nute burn. Are you spraying them with nutes?


I just used it for the first time today, and I didnt spray the leaves. I did have to use miracle grow, but picked out as many fertilizer beads as I could before hand. It was worse on prior leaves, which also had a bit of light burn because I underestimated the power of my lamp. But I clipped those. They were pretty damaged.


*also the white on the leaves was dust from baking soda for the co2 drip. Its just the very tips of the leaves im concerned about! I dusted them off!


Ok, then it’s definitely nute burn probably from the miracle grow, but it’s not too bad. They don’t need any nutes yet, they’re too small. You can start feeding them after the first, round, feeder leaves turn yellow. However, they are old enoughto be on a light schedule, so start putting them on an 18 hours on, and 6 hours off lighting schedule.


Thanks so much!!


You’re very welcome. Happy growing. :slightly_smiling_face:


Its very happy. Sometimes I just sit there and stare at them for a while😂 so excited for this journey!!


It is exciting, isn’t it? And they’re such beautiful plants.


I can’t wait. Being able to grow my own medicine is amazing, and literally seeing new growth every day is incredible! I love plants, I’m a big gardener, but this is a whole new ball game! While youre still answering, I just got some plain, starting soil with no fertilizer. Should I transpant them into the different soil? Or should I just wait until they need to go up a size? I’ve transplanted thousants of plants when I worked at the greenhouse, so I have a lot of practice with it, but I don’t want to stress them out too much.


No, I wouldn’t change the soil now, just wait till you transplant. They’ll probably need it by next week.

I also worked in a greenhouse many years ago when I was a teen. The best job I ever had.


Thank you so much for all the advice! I want these babies to THRIVE. And I absolutely loved it. Hard work and long days, but being surrounded by plants and working outside all day was so worth it.


Do you think that’s too much light for seedlings? 24/7 @Hogmaster