Problem! Please help

I started to plant 30 days ago. In one week I’ ve

on the 20th day they were like this:

Then, I had to transplant them, added some fertilizer ( 20 Nitrogen, 10 Phosporus, 10 - Potassium). They are like this now:

What could be wrong with them ?

*Soil : 40% sand, 60 %, soil with humus .
*Fertilizer: added after 20th days 20-10-10 (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium).
*Natural light only;
*Temperature: average 20 Celsius degrees.

PS: first time planting …

They look to young for nuts

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I agree with @Ds401 way to early for nutes And way to strong with all nutes .
I don’t think my plants every get that much nitrogen.
Toss them and start over. Next time wait till the lower leafs start to turn yellow to add nutes, and start at 1/4 strength.

What type of nutes do you use @apache_albino ?

Hi! Thank you for responding…

I used a grass fertilizer. It says on the box: Mixed Mineral Fertilizer:

Nitrogen (Total): 20%
Phosphorus: 10%
Potassium: 10¨%

I used 10grams diluted on 200mL of water. Used this total solution mixed in three new soils I was preparing.

I transplanted them to this new soil because the leafs on the bottom started to assume a yellowish aspect. See in this picture taken before the transplant:

I´ve just get new germinations here, what do you think I should do when the leafs assume this aspect @Wishingilivedina420state ?


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Ok that helps, the nutes you are useing is for grass so your heart is in the right spot, just the wrong type of grass. If your on a budget like most of use go to home depot and get Alaska’s fish food there’s one for veg and bloom real cheap $5 -$10 a bottle I think.
That’s were I would start. The nutes you have are way too strong.
Also I’m no master grower and just a vister of the site . But let me see if I can get some more add vice from some guys better than me. @bob31 , @FloridaSon could you guys give some advice to a couple novices please.

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your problem was. You gave them that *Fertilizer: added after 20th days 20-10-10 (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium). You burned them " period " the soil most likely would have been ok by it’s self.
I’m going to give you 3 links please read them ok …You’ll be a much better grower if you do



@apache_albino and @Wishingilivedina420state

Look here guys let’s back up a sec here .
For one you never, never use anything with seedlings untill they get their 5 0r 6th true sets of leafs ok that it nothing use poting soil for seedling.
And firsst read what i had posted in my last post to you.



Adding to the nutrients questions. I have some going on 20 days Tuesday. Also planning on transplanting later in the week. Fox farm trio set. Good to start feeding and follow the recommended schedule?

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I would wait even

They were severely burned from the nitrogen and phosphorus. They were way to young for nutrients with that ratio, you can likely get away with a ratio of 1-1-1 at that size any thing higher is disaster waiting to happen

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If she is going in ffof wait on nutrients that soil has plenty

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The one thing I’m learning more and more is that you just need to be patient it let the ladies grow. Don’t try to rush it


As we gain experience with this hobby it seems like we need to spend more time letting the plants tell us what they want. I think this goes back to showing the plants too much love and not enough consideration.


Hey guys! Thank you all for the replies!

As the newbie I am, I went to the literature and found some pictures of plant leafs with a nitrogen deficiency. They looked as yellow as mine ( before de transplant and the nutes).

That was the reason I added them. But I got this: should now add fertlizer at this point, and get some new nutes ( less stronger ).

But here is a question @garrigan62, @Majiktoker : What should I do when the leafs begin to appear yellow in the firsts stages of growing, like this for example:

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I had a similar problem @apache_albino. I started my seedlings in Kellogs patio plus and my seedlings looked exactly the same as yours after 30 days (before fertilizing). They were yellow and not growing much. The folks on this site suggested the the soil I germinated in had too many nutes and I’d say they were spot on. So, transplanted all the seedlings into FF happy frog soil and so far they seem to be responding very well after a week or so. Leaves are turning dark green and I’m seeing new growth. I almost killed mine by giving too much fertilizer. Maybe try transplanting into happy frog? I’m a total newby, Just my 2 cents.

It is likely there is a nitrogen toxicity or toxic build up, first off id test your ph that would likely be a huge problem.

Second medium looks really wet, to wet for plants at that size which could be causing root problems and there for roots would then rot from not getting enough oxygen

Third at that point she has been through severe stress so getting her to come back will teach a lot. At that point they need a little boost (a 1-1-1 ratio) would work great, and maybe cal mag because that medium doesn’t have it and seems to be most needed in that medium



Know that was well put Thank You !
After or during transplaning take one gal water add half tsp liquid thrive and two cap fulls of hydrogen peroxide this will BC help the plant from going into shock



I agree with everything said. Way too wet in the root zone! I didn’t see any pH readings. I bet the issue starts there.

Thank you all for responding! All comentaries helped me a lot to understand the process.

I have two germinations right now and I’ll try to follow your recomendations and look for answers in the literature.

Again, thanks a lot guys!!!

@bruinsfan33 Actually, looks damn healthy there and I would not change anything until I transplanted into her final home. She looks like she has three actual families (nodes) growing well. I would wait until 4-6 nodes before starting the feeding. The soil she is in should carry until then. Jerry

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