Plant's way behind

I think my grow is over they are 5weeks old and look’s like 2week old plant’s way behind any help would be great

First off, I’d like to welcome you to the ILGM community. It’s a great forum where you’ll find tons of info and great people.

Now, not to sound like a dick, but this isn’t the place to post about grow questions or problems. The members lounge is there for us to get to know each other and talk about things outside of the grow.

With that being said, I will still try to help you out as much as possible! I would suggest posting this thread under “the grow” category. Also, for the best support available, if you could fill out a “support ticket” and post it into your thread along with a picture of your plant, it would really help me and the guys to give some advice!

Happy growing, and I hope you get all the answers you need!

I’m just going to scrape it and start again when I can get some better lighting. Thanks I’ll try and remember that where to post

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Florescent grow light and 2 300 Watt soft white bulbs. I know that I need better lighting and ventilation.

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If you’re using regular light bulbs, the incandescent bulbs, then we need to change that and get you going with the right stuff lol. Those bulbs don’t grow plants, and I’m not sure exactly why. You’ll need to go get some Compact Fluorescent bulbs (CFLs), the twisty ones. They’re great at growing plants, great at keeping heat low, amazing on electrical costs, and you can have them a couple inches away from the plant, which will help keep your plants from stretching. They’re cheap too, so id recommend you go look into some CFL bulbs, around 5500-6500k rating. Higher lumens is better. Happy growing buddy!

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Yep I put the one outside and broke the other one lol my luck. The one outside is almost dead but maybe with the new soil planting all the way u

Up to the bottom of the last leaf maybe it will live. And I was using a corner of a room lol not much space. I’m going to get me a grow tent kit with all the stuff I need including the ventilation. Start right not just the spur of the moment things. Thanks for all the advice.

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When you are ready just let us know. We can hook you up with what you need at the lowest price.

Thanks it’s going to be around December or January. But I’ll keep you in mind,thanks.