Plants not flowering

Hello, I have a few plants, GDP planted 11/2 , LSD planted 10/24, and a mystery strain planted 10/1 . the mystery strain is the oldest at 2 months 23 days. I need to know if I need more lights because I don’t think it’s getting enough light to flower, there are small signs. i have 2 - 60w and 1 - 35w LED. I light them 12 on 12 off for the most part. What should I do differently?


They need more time. They’re young. Unless they’re Autos.

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If they aren’t autos then being on a consistent 12/12 schedule will do the trick. Otherwise you run into all kinds of trouble. No light leaks, no displays lit in the tent etc. Otherwise trouble is gonna be stalking your grow.


You must provide 12 hours of complete darkness.


The oldest is a mystery but i dont think the gdp or lsd are autos.

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thats what i have been doing, ill keep it up


its in a closet, i sealed off the window in that room. i leave the door cracked slightly and run a tower fan there. thanks for the reply.


im gonna invest in an outlet timer switch to ensure this cause im not always around on weekends.


What size space are you in? @dbrn32 can let you know if you have enough lights, but I’m gonna say… no. Not enough to get the results you are probably wanting/hoping/ expecting unless you up your light game a little bit. :v:


I would start by moving the lights way closer to the plants, within a few inches, check for light burn but doubtful and anyway that would be a better problem … also flat white paint would be a far superior reflector than the tinfoil.

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If there not in flower then cut upper side off (top) and lower lights, then other shoots can grow up. 18/6 then one month in veg. You can do second topping 2 weeks if your lights are weak. And woa your almost triple your final weight. :grin:

Its a small closet, what kind of lights do you suggest for a poor man.

the gdp and mystery plant has started to show early signs of flowering

That will depend on how handy you are :wink:
I’ve built a few lights, with the help of @dbrn32, and he is the lighting guru. What kind of a budget are you looking at?

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I can help build led lights if that’s the direction you want to go. We would normally try to get your space to a good intensity. But based on what you’re currently working with, just about anything would help. Budget would be key.

The 12/12 for the most part is likely your issue, as the others have pointed out. You need a light tight space and that uninterrupted dark period to flower.

i have a socket cord that has space for 4 more bulbs, the two i have were 40 a piece…

Can you post the manufacturer and model of the lights you have? Then we can determine if it will be enough to flower in your space :wink::v:

all three have started to flower

i bought these two sansi lights on amazon for 40 a piece, i want to get a couple more