Plant Size Placement

Hello, I have 5 plants all 6 weeks old. 4 of them are about 12" and the 5th is 24". I have them under a 400 watt HPS and side lighting on all 4 sides. Will the taller plant be OK on the side out from under the HPS?

This grow is 12/12 from seed. I switch to flowering lighting at 4 weeks.


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Yes turn plant 1/4 everyday and it wil be okay
And clone that 24 inch plant when i did 12/12 from seed i got 12 to 16 inch plants
That ones a keeper :smile:

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Why are you already growing them at 12/12, that IS the schedule for flower. I’m really curious here. Also, for your tall girl, just LST her or top her and you’ll be extra good lol

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the reason i did it was i watched some YouTube videos and thought ill try that
It worked great but plants didnt get very tall
2oz. A plant like ive said love testing out different ways lol

are your plants from feminzed seeds? I am usually concerned if a plant gets very tall and skinny since males tend to grow tall fast to better spread pollen I would keep close watch on it if all are same strain a bit of size and growth difference is expected but a single plant being from same stock and double size is a early indicator of a rooster in the hen house.


I think it might be a little late to clone. The plant is well into flowering. I will try the 1/4 turn method
I did a test with White Widow. Regular growing, 3 weeks as a seedling, transplanted, 4 weeks vegging at 18/6 and about 8 weeks flowering at 12/12. I got 2.25 oz per plant average.
Then I started new WW seeds at 12/12. 4 weeks in solo cups as seedlings. Transplanted and switched to flowering lighting. They finished 3 weeks earlier than the regular grow. I got 1.75 oz average per plant.
I figure doing it this way I can start seedlings 4 weeks before the older plants have finished in the same grow room.

Donaldj, Yes , they are all fem. The tall plant is Lemon Kush, the others are Super Skunk and Big Devil.
I’m sure the tall plant is female. I will post a picture tonight.

no need as I said if they were all same strain I would be concerned

I’m still not sure why you’re doing that, but hey, do whatever pleases you and yields you some buds.

Can someone please explain to me how growing at 12/12 from seed can be beneficial? I just don’t see the logic in it, can someone help me out here? @latewood @yoshi @hammer @Paranorman

the only real plus is savings on Electric bill and from the point that they will flower when there ready …to many drawbacks small plants low yielding but i tried it and sidelined it after only pulling 2oz. :disappointed:
I used LED so didnt worry about changing lighting

This must be auto flowers I’m sure ?

It can work sometimes I wouldn’t recommend it my girl is 12/12 from seed only because I don’t have another room and my replacement seed arrived late.

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Awesome! I am glad you had the guts to try this method. You were able to grow in a shorter period of time and can beg and flower at the same time and all you lost was 1/2 per plant. Sounds like a great plan for Medical growers.

Congratulations :slight_smile:


I have explained this to you in topics, and there is a GrowFAQ I wrote that clearly explains why a grower would use this method.

Another great thing about the “Strictly 12/12 grow process” is; Roots show the most vigorous growth at photo periods between 12-14 hours of light. I am personally going to start at 14/10 and lower photo period by 15 minutes a week from now on. This will emulate a Spring to Summer grow.


Well said Sir

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Oh, ok. Thanks. Good to know.

And no, you have never ever once talked to me about a strict 12/12 cycle, because I’ve never asked before. I think you have me mistaken for someone else. Thanks for that response though, I’ll do my own research.

I am a strong believer in plants getting dark cycle during veg I run anywhere between 16-8 to 20-4 cycle depending on what my goal is or if temp drops during lights out is an issue but have heard of people running odd schedules which include running lights in stagger patterns

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@ktreez420 I have seen this used in Rock wool slab sea of green .it yielded colas only .and average yield was 1oz per plant at 6inch intervals . using eco grow&Bloom . 1000watt lites
Hope this helps some .as why some would do this from a diff perspective.