Over drying and rh in jars at 44%

I believe I hung my plants to dry too long. I hung the plants for 7 days in my bathroom dry trim. I put them in jars and now my rh in my jars will not rise pass 44%.

I do not want to add a braveda pack because I think it takes from smell and taste. What can I do to start the curing process and raise the rh? Do I stop burping and hope the rh rises ?

Or you can add an orange peel, slice of apple, cannabis leaf, or even a moist paper towel.


I usually put a couple drops of water in my jars to raise RH.


Thanks guys :green_heart:

Steamer like you’d use for your clothes… be hugely careful not to add to much humidity and raise it fast. 2 or 3 blasts a day usually till I’m up to 70 then burp and drop slowly