Outdoor Summer 2018 .... Mulegal


i was hoping we could all share a giggle or two on that one…lol


Dang @BIGE how did you ever find our picture? LMFAO A good belly laugh indeed!


Morning all. Weekly report here. Today is week 14 of the summer grow. Both of the Amnesia Haze auto’s have been harvested. So now the 2 Jack Herers are getting all the attention.

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Here is what I’ll trim and jar this morning while waiting for the dew to dry on the field. Cutting hay again today!!

This is the last of my auto’s. Topped this plant young at 3 weeks and I think it increased my yield a bit. Also I took some advice and gave her a couple extra weeks to harvest. It bulked up significantly during that time .

more pics to follow in next post


So now the Big girls. week 14 and they are just beginning to show a few pistils. They are healthy

Here is with a chair in pic to help with size

And @TxGrowman, here is a pic of the repaired/healed trunk that split…3 weeks ago I think it was. Tape is still on it. I think I might just leave it there for extra suppot. The branches are also lashed off and supported from the scrog frame. Actually the scrog frame is no longer visible. This girl keeps growwing.

More to follow in next post


And here are the 2 girls in the garden. Front is the topped and scrogged…which I think is not the best way for me with such a big plant. Works fine with my auto’s (even though folks say don’t top auto’s) but these Big photos would do better and easier for me left more natural. I tried this method to control height, but the topped/scrogged one is almost as tall as the natural one. At least I learned a good lesson here :grinning:

There you have it kids. Summer marches on.


Beautiful, just beautiful @mulegal great job


Doing a great job there, I hope my auto does aswell and the other girls are looking huge, well done you


@mulegal it looks to tasty!!! :slightly_frowning_face: I think you want us to starve and beg for it :heart_eyes: ! How long do you let those goodies jarring? :sunny: I appreciate the tag, thank you for tagging me too


And this girls… oh daamnn!! They are very big and… damn right they ll grow from now on even bigger!!! Keeping my eyes arround :star_struck: ! We re waiting for more !


Hahaha… the scrog is overwhellllmed!! Nothing can stop those “lil”monsters to grow :sunglasses:


Great job, girl!

Thank you for tagging me! I get lost in all the traffic here anymore…


Thanks @Mrcrabs… It keeps me smiling


Gotta love these quick little autos @daz49. I bet yours will do well.


Yes it’s a nice smoke. I like the Haze.

Yes I tagged you after I saw you here with interest. Don’t know if we’ve met…Howdy and welcome


Yes the scrog barely slowed her down. This girl wants to occupy some serious space…hahahaha @HvtAna1988


Thanks @FloridaSon… Glad I remembered you…I often forget to tag folks .


These cannabis plants are seriously hardy and can take a LOT of abuse as you are proving here and I proved in my grow. I do not believe that it made any difference in the plant I grew. It never even seemed to slow down when I split the stem !

That looks like a healthy plant ! Keep it going !


Those are AWESOME plants :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I envy you the area that you have to grow in. I would love to start an outdoor grow but have no space and way too many neighbors that are not cool.

I can’t wait to see the end to this grow. Will be sad to see it end but great to look at yield ! :us::man_farmer:


Happy anniversary, girl!


Happy annyversary !!! Wish you many healthy lovely years and along your activity arround here too! :kissing_heart: ! Nice to meet you too, Ana here, Howdy! :hugs: