Outdoor grow/miracle grow dirt?help plz

Hello everyone.ive been doing some reading and I love this forum.ive ordered the mix pack.california dream
Gold leaf chronic widow.
My seeds came from ilgm,all 15 germinated.orderd
Them on Thursday and came on monday.very fast
I’m sold on this forum and robert/ilgm I hope to be a customer for years.
I’ve seen alot of very smart people on here,and there’s no dought you guy’s and gals no your stuff.
Okay here’s the thing I’ve been using the miracle grow dirt for years.but they got be better soil out there.
Would I be better off mix my on dirt?I want give these kiddos the best,where these plants are going will get every ounce of the sun.
Any advice,ide be grateful for…thank you all fine folks!


I don’t grow outdoors. I know there’s a few on forum that does. I believe @Chemzdead grows outdoors and may be able to help. Good luck and Welcome to ILGM forum.


Many options out there more specific to growing cannabis than MG.
@AAA does grow outside a lot and I’m sure he can toss some ideas your way like build a soil products he uses.


To be honest I have never used Miracle Grow. I have always used soils that are well known for cannabis growing. Example being Fox Farms Ocean Forest/ Happy Frog soils.

I myself for many years have been using Roots Organics soils.

Anyhow welcome to the Forum!

Are you planning on planting these seedlings outdoors? If so, when is that for where ever you are?

You could also mix your own “super soil” recipe.

This is just an example of @garrigan62 ‘s soil mix if you are interested:


Thank you skydiver!


Thank you chemzdead.im in tenn.there growing hemp up here.legal here.
Does robert/i.l.g.m sale the store also?I didnt see any for sale.there going outside in 2 weeks.ill dig my holes 3ft wide,1ft deep.
I’ve not seen whole lot people use miracle grow potting soil,used on here.ive been that grower that always putting out 5 or 7 plants a year.
I was thinking of using other soil.to take my grow a step up on another leval.
I’m pretty sure theres no where around here that carys
Fox grow,ocean soil.
I’ve got 1 more question I’m going to do one those pot for pot.just for me.i dont smoke.ive had 2 back surgeries & I’m not to smart in figuring out the difference in sativa&indica would I be better with highest sativa strain?my dad smokes,all 5 of my brother smokes.i dont like the couch lock,feeling I’ll post my journey when I start,happy easter to everyone
Stay safe during this time.


@Raysvols69 we don’t use miracle grow here it has a time released fertilizers in it and later on during marajuana life’s in the later flower bud the marajuana plant don’t like maracas grow fertilizers because it ain’t marajuana friendly happy

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You can burn it up because you’ll go to give it nitrogen or phosphorus during the vegg stage and the fertilizers in it already are slowly releasing them nutrients than you mix yours with it than it’s it’s burnt to much for it in the vegg stage of its life cause it’s to young it could die

@Dirt man @shindig153 @CannaNewbie @Covertgrower @skydiver are a little more experienced than me they got a lot of grows ahead of me hit them up to they’ll gladly help that’s what we are here for


I’m in Tennessee also. Go to your local co-op. Mine in cocke county carries Baccto professional growers mix. I am using that with Baccto veggie mix. I am mixing them 50 50, and adding additional perlite, as the veggie mix has none. Makes a great soil.


Or u can use Miracle Gro, just don’t add additional nutes, or if u do add them, go extremely light. Miracle Gro isn’t the monster people make it out to be. But there is better stuff out there.


I tried my first grow when I bought my grow tent. I used Miracle Grow! I noticed bugs flying around my tent and on my plants. The Miracle Grow was loaded with tiny bees. I forgot what they’re called. I hung up 2 sticky fly strips in between my plants. There were hundreds of these bees stuck to the fly strips, so many I had to get more strips they were completely covered with those bee’s. This time I started with coast of Maine organic soil. Then I bought some happy frog organic soil and mixed with coco- coir. I also bought fox farms 3 pack of nutrients. The plant seems to be doing very good. I don’t grow outside, but I would go with the organic soil if I did. This site is great. You get info from all these experienced growers!! Good luck!!


Fox Farms Ocean Forrest is a very common, well liked, and cannabis friendly soil.

@BamBam56 I have fox farm nurture them soil to it’s great stuff

@BamBam56 the organic from Maine is pretty good you say the price affordable though more exspensive Than fox farm

Thank you otis…this is what I was hoping some one close,for advice for our climate.
Are they a mixture?
I’m least 2 weeks away from going outside.
I’ve grown outside for 32 years.
I have 2 brothers I’ve always get few plants from.
Ide like to fine a strain for myself.ive had 2 back surgeries,and they/workers comp doctor screwed me up worser
Had have alif 3.4.5.rodds screws.cage.im never out pain.im sure alot of folks on here has there on issues.
I’m going to get a pot 4 pot.try heavy sativa strain.

Happy easter to everyone and thank you everyone!

Seems like it’s the best soil,from everyone’s grow they are using it.so that go ty me to thinking,I’m using the wrong soil? nobody was even hinting on using the miracle grow dirt.:v:

Thank you I’ve got 2 weeks I’m for sure going to buy some happy frog/fox farms.
I might grow to in this soil…compare it to the other soil im going to use.
Thank you mark

Right I’ve used it for years…but like everyone has pointed out,it gives up when it starts bidding out.

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The professional growers mix has no nutrients in it, similar to ProMix HP. I’m mixing in the veggie mix in a couple of my plants when I move them outside. The Baccto veggie mix is organic, with organic fertilizer which they claim lasts for about 4-6 weeks, which will be perfect to get to flowering, then I can hit them with flowering nutes. I’m adding some extra perlite, because the veggie mix has none. Hoping for good results with this test, as is if grows well, I’m going to use it for my indoor with the straight growers mix, I will have to add nutrients from the start. I’m about 2 weeks from moving outside also

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