Not auto flowering and it appears to be just a normal plant, at what point do I accept that it is going to become compost?

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

"The real problem I’m facing is that one of the first to germinate, is not auto flowering with the others? It appears to just be a normal plant? At what point do I accept that it is going to become compost? The plant I really would like you to have a look at please, will be the one on the left, see the image below (if you where wondering why they are in a wire cage, it’s to prevent my cats from feasting upon them! Hahaha). Thank you very much! I really do appreciate it!

° indoor
°Ak47 autos
°started under T5 x4, 4foot fixture, but to finish the flowering ones, I have now moved them under a Gavita e series 1000w (Ceramic high pressure sodium, duel end bulb) hung 1,2m from top of plants.
° box fan and stand fan for ventilation (would describe it more as air circulation though? No extractors from the area and only runs at night time )
° small ac unit. Only runs during the day.
° Day temp. 26/28 °C on top of canopy, sometimes 30/35°C if aircon stops.
° Night time 26/29°C Big aircon runs to heat my reptiles.
° Humidity generally 60% at night, but drops to 37/50% with light and small Aircon running during the day.
° CO2, Unfortunately (NA) many animals breathing though? I’m Convinced it must be higher than normal. haha
° Soil mix - equal part compost / coco peat (fine), some perlite, fresh worm castings and Seabirds guano powder. Coarse compost mulch.
° Liquid fertilizer - Nitrosol (general fertilizer), bat guano and seagro on of. ( All Mix to manufacturers instructions on bottles) once or twice a week?
° PH of run off and Ec of nutrients I will be able to get in a couple of days if important? I do have pens, just need to get some more calibration fluid again. Have not been used in a while.

Don’t think I left anything out?"


They look like photos

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Normally the light cycle doesn’t matter with Autos. Sometimes, they don’t want to cooperate and it isn’t unusual for one to flower before the others.

If you are good with the size,switch over to 12/12 lights on/off and that will force the stubborn one to flower as well.

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One of my 47s was at least 6" taller. I grew inside so i just put the smaller on a pot. Only a clone would come close to being an exact duplicate.

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Here @garrigan62

Dude, you can’t sell stuff here. This isn’t that kind of forum.

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