Northern Lights XTRM Autoflower Grow


Was it you that has the wild LST on Greencoats thread?

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Hope you built her a bigger house too. My autoflower is 18" and growing everyday.


I think so mate


I caved and ordered a grow tent haha.



Here’s my girl 6 days after initial sprout, 10 days since planting seed.

Safe to say I’m in love! Haha. Praying I do right by this little lady and she rewards me!

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@SoLo304 do you have a grow journal going on here? I’d love to follow your plants. These pics you posted look amazing!


No grow journal on this round, only my first grow. Trying to keep up with 2 different tents, learning about the plants, kids, jealous wife of my hobby, work… I don’t have enough time to focus on it this time. I hope the second round will be easier, im hoping to facilitate the watering with Autopots.


Aurora 8 days past sprout, 12 days since planting seed.

Grow tent came yesterday. I’ve been using an 18/6 light schedule and she seems to be flourishing.


Looking good :+1:, they’re patiently sitting there growing roots while we typically sit impatiently watching them.


We are now 11 days since my sprout appeared. Third set of leaves are showing and she’s already got a pungent smell to her!!! Everything seems to be going well. Watered her yesterday and have been on an 18/6 light schedule.


13 days since sprout…17 since planting. Noticed some spots on the leaves today which turned out to be water droplet light burn. She’s doing great!


16 days since sprout now. She’s looking great! New leaves coming out at each junction!!


19 days past sprout. She just had her first feed of nutrients (I cut the recipe by half) and she really seems to have loved it!

I’m going to continue on the 18/6 light schedule.


Sweet! Great job @Bass-Assassin! So is your new tent setup and functioning now?


@MT3 I should have done it from the start! Good thing is I got it set up while she was still a seedling. I’ve fallen in love with this plant haha. I’m probably going to be bending her in the next week since she’s an auto. I want to get as many nice flowers as possible.

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Your timing looks good - in a week she looks to be ready to bend her. Love her now…and she’ll love you back for many enjoyable sessions to come!


23 days since sprout. She is looking very full!
I am pretty happy with her so far. About to bend her some tonight! The pic stitch is over a 10 day period.


30 days since sprout. Feeding flower power veg nutrients 2x per week. pH staying 6.5-6.6. On 18/6 light schedule. LST done 4 days ago. Counting 6 flower sites now that are directly exposed to sun (I did some leaf tucking).

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Well, she’s 32 days old now. I think I spy a pistil or two on a few top sites. I nearly had my heart broken yesterday when I opened my tent to this…

I panicked and made a forum post. Turns out my soil was hydrophobic and the plant was thirsty. I bottom watered and allowed the soil time to saturate. This morning, she looks like a new girl!


35 days since sprout now. Aurora is coming right along. She smells very potent. I’m adding carbon filter to my exhaust today. I’m counting roughly 10 flower sites currently. Fed yesterday with flower power and continue on 18/6 light schedule.