Northern Cali 2nd grow Indoor Super Skunk and Gold Leaf


Hello Everyone! Time to get our second grow going. We are trying 10 Super Skunk and 10 Gold Leaf. Our seeds arrived on August 29 2017. We also got some seeds from our White Widow Autoflowers (7 seeds) We sprout them in water. We got 20 out 20 that spouted. Once they all spouted we got them into 4 inch peat pots (I call them jiffy pots) We put them onto trays so we can add some water at the bottom and mist the tops. We have 10 out of the ground on 9/6/17.Had to do some modifications to the grow house so we will be getting these ladies under CFLs today! We are ordering some more seeds for our third grow. so there will be another journal starting shortly. 3rd grow will be 10 Super Skunk and 10 Chocolope. Since my health retired me will be growing full time! Happy Growing everyone! Added a few pics below.

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I’ll be watching @BobTheBuilder
That one ambitious grow you have started
Woohoo :raised_hands:


Going to have your hands full @BobTheBuilder!


Heck yeah buuuuuddy!!! DOUBLE DOWN :wink:


i’ll be watching @BobTheBuilder


Love the use of the 1/2 catering pans for the jiffy pots.


I’ll be watching and so you know you have some big kahunas there buddy


@Onlythebest79 you take it easy with the storm lights thats coming bro


I’m on it I got 15 gallons of the big blue canister of water 8 cases of 20 ounce water 12 gallons of water for my babies plenty charcoal oodles and noodles plenty non perishable veggies green beans corn chopped ham turkey in freezer plenty gas all cars full of fuel. I’ve road a few of these out before but nothing this big so keep the hands up that he doesn’t mess up up to bad. But all in all I’m as ready as I’m gone get



Going to look at a generator this evening to plug in fridge and freezer


Good idea on the gen set
I picked one up a while back dual fuel propane and gas woohoo
My folks are down there too bro so thought and prayers for all in the state :+1:
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Not doing so good I think I over watered only 10 seedlings total Stems of some of those super spindly. We started in the house as the grow shed needed some TLC. Did not have the lights set up in the house but got them under lights within 2nd day of first seedling being out of ground. Definitely a different experience. Any way to get those seeds to come through? They all sprouted in the water all had tap roots.


Your light needs to be closer to avoid this stretching



I love that you are swinging for the fences! With only one plant in flower, I’m kicking myself for lack of ambition :slight_smile:

Did you get the lights moved closer? Also what kind of space are you using? Room? Tent? Garage? Airflow is on my mind. @BobTheBuilder


Yes we are going for broke in a small scale. We just got through with a White Widow Feminized Autoflower. It was a great experience for a first grow. Bobthebuilder First Grow Newbie Northern Cali Indoor (White Widow Feminized Autoflower)
We are growing in a 10 foot by 10 foot shed we start on CFLs and then go into LED We are almost air tight but not quite. We run an A/C, humidifier , and dehumidifier. I have ventilation but it was over powering and actually sucked heat into the shed. Any questions I would be glad to answer. Our first grow was done in about 18 square feet of the shed with 20 WWAF. we harvested 920 grams we averaged 46 grams per plant. @BrandNewbian


My Apologies for not posting more! Life has a way of getting in the way Again!! Took a couple of pictures. We have 4 grows going. The first is Super Skunk Gold Leaf and White Widow Autoflower. There are 3 Super Skunk and 3 Gold Leaf and 1 White Widow Autoflower from our first grow. this is our 2nd grow. It was a disappointing time as we only ended up with 6 plants a 30% germination rate but the seed seller backed up the seeds. We also had a few seeds that we got from our first grow so we tried to germinate but only got one to grow. These are in 5 gallon buckets and should be about half way through the flowering stage. Looking pretty good I think. They have come a long way!! The first pic is taken 9 9 17 and is the gold leaf next pic 10 6 17 and the last is 12 12 17 2 on left and 1 tall back center


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I like and your babies look great. It’s always good when a company takes care of the customer


Here are the Super Skunk again the pics are 9 6 17, 10 6 17, and 12 12 17. In the last pic the 3 Super Skunk are 2 on far right and 1 front center We are about half way through the flower stage.

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Looking good @BobTheBuilder
I’m almost ready to start my next ladies.
Some nice looking colas. Did you trim them at all or just let them be?