Noob Help with lights

Need help with lights.
Was told my original plan for my grow was sub optimal. So my new question is.
Is a Viparspectra V600 good enough to grow one plant in a 3’x3’x6’ tent? Or any other suggestions on lights. I have about 200 maybe a little more fore the lights. Any and all advice is appreciated.
Also I’m gonna grow kush. Just haven’t decided between Hindu, OG or pure Indica.

It looks like the v600 draws 260w ± 3%. The rule of thumb for blurple panels like that is 50w/ square foot. So you’ve got enough light for a 5 square foot grow = 2.5’x2’ footprint

Short answer is yes it’s enough for one plant in a 3’x3’ tent.

Long answer is, yes it’ll be enough, but those lights don’t have a lot of penetration so all the colas on top, (closest to the light) will do well, anything below the top will not get as dense. Ideal solution is to grow the plant in a 2’x2.5’ scrog. All the colas will be at the same level and able to maximize the light you have.

It sounds complicated but it’s really not. My advice is to grow your plant, learn from the experience, and then decide what direction you want to go after that. Read a lot and ask questions.


This is from a viparspectra 300w in a 2x2x4 tent. So far, so good. Agree with drinkslinger about penetration and SCROGing to counteract.


light is the plant food, it creates chlorophyll that powers the plant,

yes a Blurple LED will grow something, but there r better options if u want better results.!
skimp on light and expect skimpy yields.!!
Blurple growers do not see this until after they upgrade.!