Noc's 2018 Grow Journal


@Noctis420 yes I use a y connection and the fan is on top of the filter. I see I’m late to reply but @Countryboyjvd1971 is way better suited to answer these questions as he’s the ac pro .


@Covertgrower is on point thats a great line of fans and they aren’t a lot more than your standard inline fans
Good call CG


Good morning :sunny: :sunglasses: to everyone its a nice day here. I’m grilling up some :hamburger: and smoking some Blueberry OG. Then going to finish up with the plants for the day. Also thanks to everyone who has been watching this long! A little bad news now, my phones camera broke on the outside because it took a nasty fall but, I managed to peel out the glass to get photos. I just had to get some decent shots lol. I’m going to be feeding twice a week now I think too since I had to refill the buckets twice this week. They are thirsty plants and its hot outside and they look hungry. For this I now have four 5gall buckets for the resivors of all the plants. It is warm in the tents but I’ve got it dialed at about 52% RH, It’s the lowest I can get it. Also the plants will be entering week 5 of flowering I believe? It’s crazy to me because they look like week 6 to me. I do admit I failed at Scroging the OG Kush but I tied her down the best I could. :laughing: lst for the win though, tying the Blue Haze down helped the air flow dramatically. I put a 4" fan sucking in air at the bottom now too. So here they are! No doubt they are great plants for sure.

Blue Haze

OG Kush

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Here is the White Widow Auto, Pineapple Express and Blue Dream. I had a pH issue but now they are back on track!

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They’re all on track and looking good buddy! Enjoy that bbq! :poultry_leg: :meat_on_bone: :evergreen_tree:


Beautiful plants man! I’m sooo jealous :drooling_face:


Gorgeous plants! I wanna grow some of that blue dream myself!


Textbook beauty right there @Noctis420 looking great. Barely a hint of nute burn. I bet you could feed them a little more. :wink:
I know, there I go stirring up trouble…


Haha you know I was thinking about giving them more but let’s see if they like it every other watering. @Covertgrower


So this post is just some notes about my plants and some charts I found on this forum to help me out in the future. Also to clear up any confusion I had about the ages of my current plants and to let you all know if you’re curious. I don’t want to store anything on my phone related to this. I’m going to try and top for the first time on the Blue Dream so this is helpful.

All my seeds were planted in rapid rooters then eventually transplanted(buried to stem), in hydroton clay pebbles in 5gal DWC buckets.

• Blue Haze
• OG Kush
Sprouted April 19th, 2018
Today marks 100 Days Since Sprout
Spent 7 weeks in Veg
Flipped to Flower June 19th, 2018
As of today they have been Flowering for 39 days
Week 7 of Flowering starts July 31st, 2018.
^Both have been harvested^

• White Widow Auto
Sprouted June 17th, 2018
As of Today it’s 82 Days Old
Flipped to Flower on July 22nd, 2018

• Blue Dream
Sprouted June 20th, 2018
As of Today it’s 79 Days Old.
Flipped to Flower September 1st, 2018
Week 2 of Flower starts September 8th, 2018

• Pineapple Express Auto
Sprouted July 5th, 2018
As of Today it’s 64 Days Old
Flipped to Flower August 19th, 2018



This was updated on August 6th, 2018.



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Well you can always drop by my thread or just bookmark that post @Redeyedranger


OK @Countryboyjvd1971 I bought the 6 inch T and a damper. How do I install it and on which side do I put the damper? I would of bought one that had it already installed but there were none.


The bookmark will work. Didn’t know you could do that lol! :blush:
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Yeah I just discovered that you could bookmark it’s very convenient @Redeyedranger


@Noctis420 in veg I fed every other time. When I went to flower I was feeding every time. Especially in middle of the flowering. Your nutrients may vary.


I am doing things a bit different with these plants then my previous grows to avoid any burning at all. I’m doing 30ml for the base. 10ml for additives except Big Bud which I’m giving 15ml.

I did 30ml my last grow and all additives @ 15ml and got the fine line which isn’t bad but I don’t want burnt tips on my buds. Only thing to weigh out is I’m using bigger resivors this run so I have to be cautious and find that sweet spot. :laughing:






Hey no worries, every grow is different. Every plant is different. Yours look good.