No smell dry rack?

Someone shared a herb dry rack that was a no smell one, even seen a YouTube video commercial.
Now I didn’t save it and I’m going to need one lol.
My tent can’t be used because I have plants that need to be put in there asap.
So I’m looking to get a good dry rack product and a cure cork since I need more automation, as I’m away at work alot and don’t want to stink my house up

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Those cure corks are nice but $225 a piece wow are there any cheaper one’s out there?

It was the wedryer

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Yeah @Bobbydigital digital is right it’s the wedryer

Get a roll of nylon string, packing tape, a cardboard box, and a <$5 hygrometer/thermometer like you’d throw into mason jars. Seal it up except for a hole at one end in the bottom, another at the other end in the top, to promote a gentle airflow and control the humidity level. Drying box, violin!


And the no smell part?

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If it’s in the grow space, the carbon filter will take care of it.


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That’s what I said, violin!

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Too funny, I first read that word when I was 6, I was like, VIOLA?

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@PurpNGold74 who is apparently MIA, sadly, introduced me to that joke.


Her grow room doesn’t sound to be an option.

We need a good product to take some smell away while drying.

And I have no idea. Lol

Cant wait to see what you get @Nicky

I’ve also used “Ona” which is an industrial odor remover.

@elheffe702 does that really help eliminate odours through the home? My babies are sneaking their stench into next door :frowning:

A good quality carbon filter will remove almost all, if not all of the smell, whether the plants are flowering or drying. If you can’t dry in the same area you grow in, and smell is a big issue, then I’d recommend another tent or space with its own exhaust system.


Thank you! Yes it was the we dryer
So I’m thinking about getting a wedryer and a cure cork.
As I don’t have the space for another tent, the cardboard box isn’t smell proof and it won’t fit in my grow space because I’m growing in that space lol.

Also yes @PurpNGold74 is Mia :sob:
@Sutton got a cure cork not sure if he’s still Mia.
The only other thing I was looking at was

But it doesn’t say much about smell… I wonder which system is better

Hey hey. I been around just busy as hell, wet cured my last batch. Turned out like crap :-1: lol. Got second grow going now I’ll pop some pictures up tomorrow. How was your harvest ?

I’ll tag you I’m still 2 weeks out or so

Paper bag drying contains the smell for the most part.

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Well 6 days in and no mail… Considering the price shipping at a decent pace would be nice in such products