No luck w/indoor DWC considering switching to organic soil

I got an apera ph20 off amazon for 47$. Totally worth it. I bought the vivosun ph and tds readers for the ppm meter only. The PH meter from vivosun said my PH was 8.2 the apera said my ph was 7.3. It costs more money but if it’s accurate it’s worth it imo. You can lose a lot more time and money than 50$ from things going wrong.

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Thanks for the input, I ordered one with a 20 pack of calibration powder

Good news bad news, 1st the good: My last white widow seed is doing well. Also I bought the Apera pH20 $49 kit and am pleasantly surprised. I calibrated the Apera and the “other” cheapie tester and couldn’t even calibrate the cheapie, purchase price was promptly refunded. The grow is now at a steady 5.9-6.0pH which is right in the middle of the 5.8-6.2 recommended range. The bad: My 1 chiller to 3 bucket design became un-adjustable after 4 months so constant res levels are impossible. I hope to resolve that issue using a 3 valve manifold vs the the manifold w/no valves. My last AK47 didn’t pop. Yes it was in a dark/warm place in a shot glass of r/o water at the same time I germinated the WW the same way.

More as it happens…