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Blueberry Auto day 43 showing the variation between the three plants. They are all in 3 gal bags, same soil and same nutrients, #1 is 20", #3 is 9" and the other is 12". You can see #1 is much further along in terms of bud formation while its structure is vastly different than the other two plants. The pics were taken just after I cleaned up the bottom growth and removed secondary buds. Otherwise, just letting them grow.

Blueberry auto grow update Pictures on day 57

SingleShot0000 SingleShot0002
0011 - main colas, about 9". overall she is only 21"
The remaining two were taken with Plugable 2 - pistil and trichs. I am figuring out magnification etc and need to come up with something better to stabilize the microscope (especially when really zoomed in). I have two other BBAs. They aren’t as far along as this one.
Just having fun playing around and sharing a few pics. A good start to the new year.

I’ve never grown an auto and I don’t get the appeal of them. While I’m sure they are great for some folks’ purposes, I want as much control of height, training, etc. as I can get.

I do have some auto freebees (Jackpot, green poison, northern lights, and kush)that I’ve been sent and I’m sure that I will give them a try after my weed coffer is full of the strains I want banked. It will be fun then just to see what they are all about.

Right now my eyes are on the prize of a pure sativa (durban poison) and I can’t wait. Right now she is just short of 3 weeks old. I also have a 4 week old blue mystic. I can’t remember why I chose the blue mystic.

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I am researching my next ILGM order and I am looking at photos for the first time. So, I am concentrating on beginner strains that are compact like Strawberry or OG Kush. Gain some experience with them and then see where it takes me. I have a 3x3x7’ tent. I fill it up with 4 autos. Any clue as to how many Strawberry or OG I should go with (probably 5 gal smart pots)?

Is it time to harvest Blueberry Auto?
Today is day 71. It started flowering around day 24
15 is side colas and 20 is the main colas.

S20200123_0004 S20200123_0006
The closeups were taken with Plugable 2.
You can see amber on the right sugar leaf of main colas. While the other is of a side bud. No coloration.
Given the pistils are darkening and the presence of amber trichomes I am thinking she is ready. Plan is to take her down this Saturday, day 73. It will continue to mature while drying. I don’t want major couch lock.
Agree?, thoughts - thanks
PS I sprung for a tripod to stabilize the Plugable. It works but focusing at that level of magnification is a challenge.

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