Newbie grower in trouble

This ain’t much help however if you find feeding schedules to be difficult, you can switch to a compost tea or even better go for living soil and just feed to soil, your plants would be much happier with a proper rhizosphere

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Haven’t heard of that feeding method before. I will try it if it works

So I did your method first watered with ph water and added a gallon to each to see if it corrects the issue. Thanks for the advice :+1:t6:

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I should have input more information on what I’m feeding. I think I might have over fed from what I’m reading from this post. If Happy frog has enough nutrients in soil it sounds like I should justFeed ph water


Your light isn’t really big enough for a 4x4, that would explain slow growth.


Yeah I was thinking about getting another ts1000

Horticulture Lighting Group 135 Watt Quantum Board LED Kit V2 Rspec would be the same foot print as your mars this one is near 200 bucks but

if you can swing a little more look into QBs really is the way to go not saying mars or viparspectra dont grow good weed cus i have vipars and some of my best stuff comes from them too but for real this is the way prices are coming down and using better lights with less power imo … jimmie

and if ya talk nice @dbrn32 will try and find deals or taslk you thru it


V1 135 kits are currently $129, steal at that price.


Nice appreciate that dbrn32 :+1:t6: Appreciate the help sir


@PharmerBob hey bro I have a question about soil pH. I understand it takes longer to reset your soils pH by running a ton of phed water through it. My question is if I used a flushing solution, would the pH balance out with less water?

Yea but then you’d need to flush out that solution after, so most likely same or more

So here’s a update I started with just watering each of my girl’s with 1 gal ph 6.5 tap water (start simpl suggested by @Cannabian)to balance out the nute. Clipped away the fan leaves that were discolored things looked promising

This morning woke up checked on my ladies and see the deficiencies are still present. The 1st White Widow is growing nice but still showing discolored fan leaves

2nd White widow with lst

3rd bubblegum also lst started showing spots on few leave but looking beautiful

So I do a full flush at this point?

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And too add I spray with non ph’d water twice a day could this be a issue🤔 I’m not sure if I should ph my spray bottle water ?

And yes you are probably right on that. Many folks let it ride without fert with the Fox Farms stuff for at least the first 6 weeks from what Ive read.

You may wish to run 3 times the volume of your pot of ph’d water through them? But remember that by doing so you will be removing many of the nutrients in your soil. Its like pressing the reboot button on your computer. It also severely overwaters your plants, so you need to wait for that to dry up too. The big thing is when you over cook your plant and damage leaves, many of those leaves will stay damaged, only the new growth will show signs of improvement. The small, tight and deformed new growth would indicate a flush is required. If the new growth is looking fine then you may want to continue with straight PHd water? Just know that when your ph is off its just like going to a restaurant and ordering steak and a plate of lemons shows up! Way too sour to eat! Theres food there but you cant eat it. So what happens is, we think we have ni food and add more? But because we are feeding lemons the food piles up on our plate un eaten. We need to empty the plate and put a steak on it!

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In short, if that was my dope, Id press the button! Id fill up a 5 gallon pail, Ph it and slowly run it through until 3 times the volume of my pot has gone through. Then Id wait for the pots to dry up. Id resume watering with phd water for the first normal water cycle and then give a light 25 percent feeding on the next. Thats just me though. That fox farms will be lacking nutes a bit after you flush it but the plant needs a break too.

So that would explain the run off ph being low :thinking:.

By low you mean acidic?

So I am growing this little plant using promix and a 25percent supersoil mix. I thought my my plant needed more food, I was wrong. I flushed it using phd water and you can see the new growth is happy green. The old burnt fan leaf will always be a burnt fan leaf.
I didnt really care what the runoff was because I was flushing with water phd where I want it. The excess food has been removed. I am still watering with straight phd water.

ive never used this soil mix before so its a learning process, but the flush works. Less is usually better and Im kicking myself for overfeeding the plant. However, she is all gooder now!

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It’s 4.2 hp