New to Forum sandman1

I have been reading I love Growing Marijuana for a long time and never created an account so here, I am newbie to Forums hello all and happy New year grows. Just saying hay!


This was a seed off a white widow no males were present it was a weird grow. Got to hot also. I am on detox now with a White Widow and Blueberry both fast gems going on 6 weeks old in veg state, using LST.


Welcome to ILGM @sandman1. :wink:
Sorry bout the excess heat on your last one.
Hope this current grow goes well for you.
If you want to get someone’s attention then just put an @ in front of the name like @Oldguy We’ll get a notification and get back to you.
Lots of experienced people around willing to help and share information.
Happy growing in the coming year. :v:


Welcome to ILGM FORUM. I’m a new grower on my 3rd grow. I’m loving it here, hopefully you’ll stick around and help out people like me and get a little help if needed.

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Yes sir I will be here.

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Welcome to the forum! Yea looks a bit fluffy n foxtaily… but thats too be expectd with heating issues.

Best of luck with ur future grows

Yes after cutting most of the big tops off. I left a stump and naturally plant continued to flower but, in a cooler atmosphere. The results much better and denser buds. Heat is my issue in a summer grow for me. I am into a winter grow now which will be different in a lot of ways.

I hate growing over winter. Its so dry my vegging goes slower and seed germ rates plummet. I mean flowering in it is awesome. Nice colorful sticky buds. But start in it is tough

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