New plant growth is yellow?

I noticed a little bit of yellow on the two plants on the left. The back left has some yellowing on the leaf tips. Anyone think I have a problem ?

I don’t see it. Do you mean among the new growth?

Yeah, if you zoom into the two left plants is where I noticed it. The back left plant I noticed had some yellow on the two top leaf tips.

New growth is usually a much lighter shade of green than established growth.

They look really healthy to me. I don’t think you have anything to worry about.

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Sweet, thanks!

That’s not from new growth, that would be near the center of the leaves, where the new growth comes in. When it’s on the tips like that, it’s nutrient burn, probably just from what’s in the soil. If you’re feeding already, back off just a little bit. If it’s something like Ocean Forest that’s pretty hot out of the bag, that’s pretty normal.


Very nice! I see the very little tiny tips on the one plant. Your plants look healthy. Personally I think it will fine nothing I would worry too much about. Has mentioned little too much feeding or in Soil. Keep up the good work.

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