New ILGM Northern Lights Fem grow plus 1st cloning experiment


Started these ILGM Northern Lights fem seeds by soaking overnight in ph balanced water. Started em on 29 Nov 17 in rapid rooter plugs, the clone was taken from a bagseed grow I just harvested, took it late while it was in flower, so it was kinda touch and go, but it’s growing in the temporary coffee can cloner. I’m building a littler bubble cloner out of a plastic auto drain pan, the seedlings will go into it in a few days. I had built a larger cloner out of a 19 gal tote, but it was just too big. When the plants are going good, they each go into 5 gal dwc buckets, GH trio nutes + GH Floranectar (trying it out). These are a couple colas off the mother of that clone that I just harvested. I’m running 4 lighttimetunnel 300 watt leds for the main grow, right now it’s a lightimetunnel 135 watt ufo led. Running air pumps and stones to each of the buckets, at the moment I have the double outlet pumps and stones from wallyworld


This is the new seed starter I made out of a auto drain pan w/ ILGM Northern Lights fem. in it. The clone is off a bagseed grow I just harvested recently.This was my yield off the clones mother. Don’t know what it is, some kinda sativa something, lol, but it smokes loud.


Here we are on the 19th of Dec, just about 2 weeks since I started the seedlings in the seed spa. As you can see, they are coming along nicely (those are ILGM Northern Lights feminized.) In the small container to the right, you will see 3 more ILGM Northern lights seedlings started in rapid rooters, and the sativa clone is in the coffee can cloner. This holiday weekend, I am planning on setting up my 4 bucket grow, and hanging the lights for that, as well as working on a light rack and enclosure for a single reservoir unit that I am making for the 3 seedlings in the rooter plugs. I will be running 4 300 watt Leds on the 4 bucket grow, and a 1000 watt led on the single res grow.


Got the Northern Lights and the clone into 5 gals, and those seedlings are in the spa now. I have 4 300 watt leds and 4 double outlet pumps running 2 stones apiece in each bucket, a double pump running two stones in the spa. When the seedlings in the spa are ready, they are going to be transferred into a 3 pod tote, I have another 1000 watt led unit and another 2 outlet pump that are going to be rockin that. Building a enclosure for the tote.


16 days later, did my first res change yesterday, had an issue with the seedlings (my mistakes), so I am down to one. Instead of the tote contraption I was going to rig up, i’m just going to put the seedling into a 5 gal bucket in the center of the other 4, and put the new 1000 watt led in the middle as well. Right now, I have 4 300 watt leds, one over each bucket. I need to paint my walls white, they are kind of a light beige now, and I need to hang something to reflect the light back from the side away from the wall, but for a soon to be 51 year old retired guy who sits around playing guitar, video games, and watching movies, this is about as motivated as it gets . Right now, we have a cold snap coming, so the emphasis is firewood, lol! I have a little ceramic heater that keeps the grow room nice and toasty with little effort, so the plants are taken care of, lol!


ok, been awhile, but sometimes a Ghost disappears… Nicely into early flower, rolling with GH Flora Series with a little Floranectar for this grow.